How to Use Fire Extinguisher Correctly and Safely

It is very important for us to help the public understand how to use fire extinguishers with proper education. Fire extinguisher is very important in dangerous situations to protect you and your property from fire hazards.

Encouraging people to contact the nearest fire department in their city to get training is equally important. It is hoped that this will make the public know how to choose and use the fire extinguisher according to their needs.

how to use fire extinguisher
How To Use Fire Extinguisher

Although there are many types of fire extinguishers, the procedure for using them remains the same. What distinguishes them is their use against fire categories. Make sure you also know the parts of fire extinguisher to make it easier for you to use it.

To make it easier to remember what steps you should take when using the fire extinguisher, you only need to remember PASS that is shorts for Pull, Aim, Squeeze, and Sweep technique. Here is the explanation:

1. Pull

Pull the locking safety pin behind the fire extinguisher lever. Check if the pressure gauge needle is green.

2. Aim

Point the hose down toward the center of the fire spot. Make sure you are about 2-3 meters from the fire spot.

3. Squeeze

Press the lever to release the fire extinguishing material in the fire extinguisher tube.

4. Sweep

Swing the hose all over the fire source. Apply the fire extinguisher spray evenly to the area that is ignited. Sweep towards the base of the fire, moving the extinguisher from left to right or back and forth in a sweeping motion, until the fire is out. Make sure the fire doesn’t start again, if the fire returns, repeat the method.

Use it little by little by pressing the lever gently so that the material used is enough to turn off the fire.

How to Carry Fire Extinguisher Correctly

Do not carry the fire extinguisher by hand. This will make you feel tired quickly, especially if the distance between the fire extinguisher and the fire spot is very far, where the tube itself weighs more than 6 kg. Carry the fire extinguisher by carrying it around the neck.

how to carry fire extinguisher
How To Carry Fire Extinguisher

Do not hold the fire extinguisher hose in the middle because the high pressure can make the end of the hose move wildly erratically when used, so that the contents of the fire extinguisher tube are wasted when used. Therefore, hold the fire extinguisher hose at the end.

Do not pull the safety pin while pressing the lever, pull the pin without pressing the lever so that the safety pin is not pinched when pulled.

How to Store Fire Extinguisher

After use, store the fire extinguisher by observing the following:

  • Not exposed directly to sunlight.
  • Check the label and pressure periodically to make sure the fire extinguisher is still suitable for use.
  • The fire extinguisher must be placed in an area that is easily accessible and easily visible, and easy to retrieve. Do not forget to put the fire extinguisher sign on the front.
  • The fire extinguisher tube is placed 125 cm right from the floor base.
  • The distance between fire extinguishers is 15 meters or determined by the supervisor.
  • The fire extinguisher’s color is recommended to be red.
  • It is forbidden to put the fire extinguisher in a room with a temperature above 49 degrees Celsius or below 4 degrees Celsius because it will damage the contents of the fire extinguisher tube so that it cannot be used.
  • Perform regular fire extinguisher inspections.