How to Use Copy Machine for Beginners

Copy machines (Photocopiers) are machines that we often find/encounter everywhere. A photocopier is a handy machine because it can copy documents up to hundreds of pages quickly.

Although these photocopiers are often encountered, perhaps most people do not understand how to use a photocopier, especially since it is reasonably large. But actually, the photocopier is easy to operate since it is equipped with a feature to facilitate photocopies of various documents.

You can follow the methods below for those of you who may still be confused about using this machine. These methods are the most common and easy and can be used for all types of photocopiers.

However, before using it, you must know the function of every button located on the machine (photocopier).

  • ON/OFF button, used to turn on or turn off the machine.
  • The reset button, used to reset the program and return the machine to the initial settings.
  • Check counter button, used to see the number of papers that have been copied.
  • Number button, used to set up the papers that will be used, such as large, size, and the number of papers.
  • Stop button, used to stop a running machine.
  • Clear button, used to delete settings that have been made to return to the initial settings.
  • Option function button, used to manage the program and various functions on the photocopier.

After you know the function of every button on the photocopier, you can see the method below to use the photocopier.

1. Press the ON Button to Turn On the Machine

To operate the photocopier, you have to press the ON button first. Usually, the ON button is located close to other buttons, such as the reset button or check counter button.

2. Place the Paper to be Copied on top of the glass of the Photocopier

The next step you need to do is place the document or to be copied paper on top of the glass of the photocopier.

This step is called scanning. When the light comes out from under the glass, the color on the paper surface will reflect white light, or the paper base color reflects more light than the rest.

3. Press Paper Select to Set Paper Size

To set the paper size, you need to press the paper select button. It will display the paper options such as A4, Folio, B4, and others. However, not all types of paper can be used for photocopying, so you need to pay attention to this section.

4. Press the Number Buttons to Manage Numbers of Copies.

Later, a number will appear to display copies amount of one sheet of to be copied document.

For example, when you make three copies, press the number three-button in the machine. In addition, you need to make sure the amount of paper is in accordance with the duplication, so later the photocopier does not stop because it runs out of paper.

5. Press Start Button to Start the Process

If all the settings are done, you need to press the start button to start the copying process. Then, the machine will begin the scanning process on the paper or document that has been placed on top of the glass.

6. Press the OFF Button when finished.

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When you are done copying, you can turn off the machine by pressing the OFF button. This is to save power if it is not used for a long time.

Photocopier Features

Several methods can be done to simplify the photocopying process, one of which is by using the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) feature.

ADF is one of the features found in the photocopier, which can perform automatic scanning so it can do more copies without having to do one document at a time.

Usually, this feature is used because it can save time and effort. You can use it by following these steps:

  • First, place to be copied paper or document in the provided tray with the paper facing up.
  • Wait for the machine indicator on the side to light up. This indicator will indicate the presence of paper.
  • Select the paper size for the output; you need to adjust the output paper size with the size of paper in the tray to match the result.
  • Press the number buttons on the monitor button to select the amount to be copied.
  • After all is done, then pres ENTER.

What if you photocopy a document with the way back and forth? Photocopy of ID card, for example, you can follow the following method to copy documents back and forth

  • First, activate the two-sided (2-2 sided) menu.
  • Place the document on the upper left corner of the glass.
  • Select the output paper, for example, A4.
  • After that, press ENTER.
  • Move the ID card position to the corner close to the words A4, then close it.
  • Press ENTER.

Those are some methods to use a photocopier for beginners. Generally, the methods above can be used for all types of photocopiers. It’s just that maybe the location of the buttons is different.