How to Use Ampere Pliers Correctly

The function of the ampere pliers is to measure the voltage and electric current. It’s a good idea to identify the parts of the ampere plier before using it:

how to use ampere plier

Actually, it is not hard to use ampere pliers, you just need to clamp the handle of the ampere pliers to the conductor or cable that will be measured. However, for more details, here is how to use ampere pliers properly and correctly.

  • Turn the switch of the clamp meter to position A (Ampere) to measure the current magnitude.
  • Clamp both of the ampere plier handles to the conductor that will be measured.
  • Remove the trigger of the ampere plier, if the conductor plier that is measured has not been electrified, then connect the cable with the electric current first.
  • After being clamped, then the magnitude of the measured current will appear, read the ampere magnitude listed on the screen of the ampere plier.
  • To measure the voltage and resistance by using an ampere plier, the measurement method is almost the same with the measurement method using a multimeter, which is by using two probes that are connected with a COM terminal that is colored black and positive terminal that is colored red.

Basically, the working principle of the ampere plier uses the magnetic induction principle to produce non-contact measurement toward the electric current that is contained in the conductor.

The electric current on that conductor cable will produce a magnetic field. Because the AC current is an alternating current, then it causes dynamic fluctuation in the magnetic field, which is proportional to that current.

This electrical measuring tool has a transformer that can sense that magnetic field fluctuation, and then convert that magnetic field to become Ampere value

This ampere value will be presented on the ampere plier display. So, an ampere plier is a measuring tool that is very useful because it makes user easier to measure electric current, especially high-voltage electric current.

That is the discussion of how to use ampere plier properly and correctly. Use the ampere plier carefully, and make sure that your hands are dry when using this tool. Prioritize safety when work.