How to Use Paper Shredder

A paper shredder is a machine that has a function for destroying or shredding documents or important files. Usually, this machine is used to destroying important document that is a secret document at an institution.

By using this machine, you do not need to destroy document paper manually or by burning, which will take a lot of time and can cause smoke. Simply by using this machine, document paper will be destroyed.

The paper shredder is designed to make unused document paper easy to destroy and also it is environmentally friendly because the result is paper that has been cut into small sheets. Those pieces of paper can then be recycled, discarded, or sold.

The usage of this machine is also quite easy and practical, so everyone can certainly use this machine. Because of its important function and easy to use, this paper shredder is considered very important, especially if you are an office worker.

Before using this machine, you need to know every function of the parts on the paper shredder.

  • On/Off button, this button is functioned to turn on and turn off the paper shredder.
  • Safety Flap, this flap is the cutter wrapper when the shredder head will be taken from the shredded result container.
  • Safety Switch, this switch is the safety switch that is functioned to keep the machine stay off when the shredder head will be taken from the shredded result container.
  • Auto button, this button is functioned to run the machine automatically.
  • Reverse button, this button is functioned to rotate the blade direction on the machine.
  • Distance sensor, this sensor is a sensor that is functioned to make sure that the paper shredder will off automatically when the hand is too close to the paper entrance. When there is something that is detected by this sensor, the machine will be off automatically and will be on again if the sensor does not detect anything.

As previously mentioned, the usage of this machine is quite easy and practical. Here are the methods to use the paper shredder:

  • First, connect the machine plug to the electric socket. Make sure that you placed this machine on the flat surface and has locked the machine wheel.
  • Turn on the paper shredder by pressing the ON button in the back of the machine.
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  • Then, prepare the document paper that will be destroyed, make sure that you have removed the paper clip and staples on the paper, so the shredding process is not obstructed.
  • Put the paper into the paper shredder carefully. Keep your fingers, hands, and other body parts away from the hole where the blade is located. Adjust to the maximum amount of paper so that the machine can work optimally.
Cara Menggunakan Mesin Penghancur Kertas
  • Wait until the machine is finished working.
Cara Menggunakan Mesin Penghancur Kertas
  • After done, press the Off button to turn off the machine. Take the paper pieces on the shredded result container to be discarded.

Generally, a paper shredder can destroy 10 pages of paper at once with the size of 2-2,5 mm, but this also depends on the brand of the machine. Because of the usage of gear system on this machine that makes the paper becomes many pieces.

When using the paper shredder, there are several things that need to be considered to maintain this machine. Here are the methods that are relatively easy to be done when maintaining the paper shredder to keep it durable and long-lasting.

  • Keep the machine’s surface clean. Make sure that you always keep the surface of this machine clean. It is quite easy to clean it, you can use a rag or microfiber to clean the dirty surface of the machine. Do not use water because it can cause rust to the engine.
  • The placement of the paper shredder also needs to be considered. Always make sure to place this machine in a dry and safe place.
  • Do lubrication regularly on the gear part of the blade edge. Lubricating the spring is useful so that the spring is not easily rusted and also so that the machine does not stuck when used.
  • Routinely check the blades on the machine. The blades that are on the paper shredder will eventually dull or blunt. Therefore, in order for the machine can work properly, you need to check those cutting blades.
  • Do not put foreign objects into this machine because it can cause the machine to stuck and break. Also, pay attention to the amount of paper that will be destroyed. Of course, you need to know the maximum amount of paper that can be destroyed at once so that the machine can work optimally.
  • Keep the machine from the magnet. The magnet can make the component that is on the machine becomes error. This does not only apply to this machine but also applies to all electronic machines so that the machine does not easily break.

Those are the method to use a paper shredder easily. Always keep the machine and use it carefully.