How to Sharpen the Saw the Right Way

The saw is one of the tools thatis used as the big cutter, that is very thin and has the sharp side. The sharp side of the tools is very important to the carpenter’s tools.

There are many types of saw that is classified according to the size and functions, such as the hand saw, the iron saw, the jigsaw, the wood saw, the chainsaw, and the circular saw.

Every one of the tools need a maintenance to stay in shape, the same as the saw that has to be sharpen to stay sharp. Before you sharpen the saw, there are some tips that has to be done first:

  • Use the gloves and the googles when the maintenance process begin. The saw has a very sharp side that has the risk to hurt you on the maintenance process.
  • When sharpen with the hands, you have to use the googles. The use of the googles is to avoid the substances of the sharpen process to get into our eyes.
  • When sharpen with the whetstone, it is best to not forced the whetstone to not be broken or to avoid the saw from broken. You have to use the right size of the whetstone.
  • Before use the saw, you have to check it first periodically.
  • Dont ever turn on the saw when you sharpen it. This is especially on the machine saw. Put down the saw blade on the ground before you sharpen it. For safety, release the cable before the sharpen process.
  • For the chainsaw, do the maintenance after the machine cooled down, because the chain will be expanded in the hot temperature, even after being rested.
  • The new and even sharpen chain on the chainsaw always need maintenance. It is highly recommended to lubricate with the oil periodically.

Generally speaking, the maintenance of the saw is not always different one and the other because it has smaller gears. In order the saw to be able used, it is advised to sharpen the saw.

Check the saw before you use it. If there is some splinter stuck or the cutting process is slow, it means the saw needs to be sharpen. There are several ways to sharpen the saw:

  • Clean the saw with clean water, and the dry it. It is best to not to soak the saw because it can be molded and rusted.
  • Pinch the saw and the sharpen it with the whetstone. Stand the saw in the line of the saw blade. After that put it diagonally and swipe to the front and lift it. Sharpen the saw must be done in one way to avoid breaking the saw blade. After the front side has been cleaned, turn around the saw and do the other side.
  • Sharpen your saw all of the side to the pointy one.
  • If you recognize a bended saw blade, you can try to straighten it back using some kind of a pinchers.
  • After sharpen process, swipe the saw with some dry towel and the keep it.

With the effective maintenance, you can keep the saw blades in shape and always make sure it in the top shape.

However, there will be a time that the saw can be used no longer. There are several signs that you have to replace your saw with buy the new saw:

  • If the saw blade is bended or broken on the simple task. You have to replace the saw whenever it is bended, even when doing something simple such as cutting a small wood. The new saw can do the task with minimum effort and small time, while the old saw need much longer time and effort.
  • The loose handle. The hand saw has a handle that can be use to ease the cutting process. This handle can be detached when in the maintenance. But if the handle is starting to loose, there will be a risk that the saw will be thrown and less effective.
  • There are some lose saw blades. With the time going on, the saw blades can be very fragile and broke down. With the missing saw blades, it will affect the cutting process of the saw.

Maintenance of the tools is important to lenghten the usage time of the tools and increase the efficiency of its works. The maintenance has to be carried out periodically.

The saw is a household tool because the usage is very simple and the maintenance is easy. The hand saw or the rip saw that is most popular type of saw. You can cut down the wood with this kind of saw.

Generally speaking, the hand saw used the thin saw blades so it is not very heavy to use. On the other hand, the various size of it can be adjusted to meet with our needs.