How to Fix Problems of Bicycle Pedals

Pedals are one of the components of bicycle that play an important role. Pedals are arguably the key to the level of quality that can be judged.

Pedals that function normally determine how effective and efficient the time spent pedaling is.

But for some people, the existence of these partitions is often forgotten and underestimated. No wonder this section is the most rarely treated and has problems. Though it is important checking bike pedal condition periodically.

For ordinary users, it is not uncommon for problems with the pedals to be resolved too late, so things have gotten worse. An example is the pedal can shake even out of place.

How to solve problems with bicycle pedals, you can take several steps which will be discussed below.

1. The Cleat

This section is one that must be checked for the first time. This is because generally, most of the problems that arise in the pedal are caused by interference with this component.

One example of the problem is the stickiness that can occur in the release and slip between the shoe parts and the pedals.

Wear that occurs on this partition can not be underestimated because it can still cause significant problems. The best thing you can do is replace the cleats with new ones.

2. The Lube

This section is a part that is connected directly to the pedal. Therefore, every part that contains lube must be lightened.

In addition, you should make sure that pedals with metal or plastic contacts have cleats that are properly installed. It is also necessary to remember to frequently provide adequate lubrication in this section.

3. The Tension Level

The level of tension is something you should check next. This problem also has something to do with worn cleats. If this occurs the tension setting on the pedal may be damaged.

What you can do is check the screws on the back. You can set this partition manually, tighter or looser.

4. Lubricate the Thread

Thread is one part that must be cleaned. To do this, you need to release the pedal first.

After that, it can be cleaned and given sufficient lubrication. If this step is done correctly, then the pedal will still work smoothly.

To maintain a bicycle, you need to know the problems that can occur in certain parts, one of which is the pedals. You also need to know what to do if this happens.

Because the pedal is a very important part, it can be said that the key to comfort that determines the performance of a bicycle. Therefore, any problems that occur must be addressed quickly and appropriately.