How to Clean Car AC Evaporator Easily

The evaporator is one of the components of a car air conditioner that has several functions. One of the main functions of the evaporator is to absorb heat in the cabin and convert it into cold air which is exhaled back into the cabin.

Evaporator also serves to change the shape of the Freon. Freon is a gas that is channeled into the cooling system. This Freon is initially a liquid, then the evaporator turns it into cold air in the form of steam.

Freon in the form of vapor is then pumped so that it can be distributed to all components of the cooling system. Assisted by the gust of wind generated by the blower, the evaporator will flow cold air into the cabin.

The evaporator must be diligently cleaned, so that dust and dirt do not accumulate. And also not a place to grow bacteria and fungi, because of the moist air that passes through the surface of this evaporator.

A dirty evaporator can be a factor causing the car air conditioner to not cool. Here are the steps to clean the evaporator easily and quickly:

1. Turn Off the Car Engine First

In order to maintain safety and avoid some unwanted things, you must turn off your car engine first.

Turn the car contacts on the Off, not Acc. If you turn it on the Acc section, the car air conditioner can still work. It also aims to turn off all systems related to the AC system, such as the electrical system.

2. Locate the AC Evaporator

The next step is you have to find the location of the evaporator. In general, the AC evaporator is located under the dashboard of the car.

However, not all types of cars put it under the dashboard. Therefore, you have to make sure it returns correctly.

You can search for it manually by opening the hood of your car. Or you can also look for it by looking at the car manual.

3. Open the AC Evaporator

If the evaporator is located at the bottom of the dashboard, then open the storage section of your dashboard first. Then you will find the AC filter.

If the filter is dirty, you can clean it or if it is time to replace the AC filter, then replace the AC filter, so that the air produced is healthier and safer.

4. Start the Car Engine

After you clean the air conditioner filter, you can start the car engine now. Also, turn on your car’s air conditioner on the highest setting.

The goal is that you can find out the performance of the cooling system, whether it is working optimally or not.

5. Give Special Car AC Cleaning Liquid

After that, you can give a special cleaning fluid for car air conditioners to the blower. Spray the cleaner through the air conditioner vent.

Fill the area with foam. Slowly the foam will turn into a liquid and will come out through the drain hole.

Later, a foam will appear which will knock out all the dirt and dust that is in the AC vent. Let stand a few minutes so that all the dust and dirt can be removed.

Then, you can clean the remaining foam by using water and wiping the remaining foam in the ventilation section.

6. Reclose the Evaporator

After all the steps have been done, now you need to close the evaporator section that was opened earlier. Do it carefully, so that the clean evaporator and filter are not dirty again.

Try turning on the car air conditioner again at maximum speed, to find out how the air condition after cleaning. Of course it will feel fresher than before.

Those are some steps you can take to clean the car air conditioner evaporator. Make sure you do it properly and correctly so that the evaporator cleaning steps are carried out optimally.

Don’t forget to always do it at least once every 3 months to maintain the freshness and health of your car’s air conditioning temperature.