How to Clean a Ceiling Fan

There are various types of fan on the market, one of them is a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan is a mechanical ceiling-mounted fan, usually electrically powered, that uses rotating blades to circulate air.

Ceiling fans have been widely used because they are cheaper and consume less energy than air conditioners.

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are considered to be able to effectively cool a room by increasing the air velocity. Fans do not reduce air temperature or relative humidity, unlike air conditioning equipment but create a cooling effect by helping to evaporate sweat and increasing heat exchange by convection.

Convection is the transfer of heat through a flow in which the medium is moving. Fans can add a small amount of heat to a room due to air friction. In winter a chandelier can also be used to bring in warm air.

Ceiling fans must be cleaned to avoid dust accumulation. The accumulated dust will be circulated into the room thus worsening the air quality.

For people with allergies, this dust buildup can make their allergies worse. In addition, dust will also stick to your home furniture.

The following are some tips for cleaning a ceiling fan:

1. Using Used Pillowcases

Unused pillowcases can be used to clean the fan blades on the chandelier.

First, turn off the ceiling fan, and place a bench or ladder under it to reach the propeller. Spray the inside of the pillowcase with an all-purpose cleaner or a vinegar and water solution.

Slip a pillowcase over one of the slats and pull gently as you wipe away any dust or debris inside. Repeat on the other blade.

If needed, wipe a microfiber cloth over the ends of the fan blades to remove any remaining dust. When finished, remove the pillowcase, clean the dust from the pillowcase by shaking it. Then wash as usual.

Check each fan blade with a cloth or dust mitt using straight, linear strokes.

A thicker layer of dust will likely require several movements when cleaning by hand, so you may have to wring the cloth periodically before proceeding. Apply the dust spray a second time if needed, and look for any dust coming out of the fan when you’re done.

2. Wiping the Fan Blade by Hand

Fan blades can be cleaned by hand by rubbing your hands against the fan blades. After the fan is turned off, spray all-purpose cleaner on the blades.

Prepare a bench or ladder if needed, and climb it carefully. After spraying all-purpose liquid, wipe the fan blades carefully so that the dust falls off. Use gloves when doing this to keep them from getting dirty.

Note that some general-purpose cleaners contain wax that can build up on the surface of the fan blades. So choose a cleaner that does not risk adding dust to the fan.

3. Using a Feather Duster

As we already know, duster is used to clean furniture from dust. Just like the previous tips, turn off the fan first before cleaning.

Get on a bench or whatever makes it easier for you to clean the fan. After that, wipe the duster on the fan blades.

After cleaning, don’t forget to clean the floor of your house from fan dust. It should be noted to use a dust mask and gloves to protect yourself from exposure to dust.

4. Using a Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is used to suck up dust on furniture. Vacuum cleaners have different brush sizes. Choose a small tip so that it can easily reach the corners of the fan blades.

The vacuum cleaner also has a long channel that makes it easier for you to clean the fan without the need to climb a bench/stair.

After reading the tips above, you can choose a way that you feel comfortable to clean your ceiling fan. If you want to buy a ceiling fan, let’s know tips for choosing a good fan.