How Electric Bell Works and Its Component

An electric bell is a device capable of producing sound that comes from converting electrical energy to magnetism. In general, the electric bell is used as a signal to provide warnings or information for the user.

In its simple function in everyday life, this electric bell is commonly used as a house bell and school bell. In some case, this bell is also often used in malls and fire engines as a sign of emergency.

As for the working principle of the electric bell, it works through an electromagnet with selenoids. The two are paired in opposite directions when the switch is pressed then an electric current will pass through the selenoid.

Electric Bell Components

In the electric bell, there are several main components that have their respective functions that support one another. The following is an explanation of the main components found in the electric bell:

electric bell components
Electric Bell Components
  • Electromagnet, has a function to pull the anchor on soft iron so that the bell make sounds.
  • S1 is also one of the main components in the electric bell that supports the other components to work well together.
  • The power supply has a role to flow the electric current to the components of the electric bell.
  • The interrupter is used as an automatic switch that works in conjunction with the armature.
  • The armature has a function as the part that is drawn by electromagnetism and works in conjunction with the interrupter.
  • The striker on the iron anchor has a function for the hitting head of the electric bell.
  • Bell is the core part that will make a sound when it comes into contact with the striker.

How the Electric Bell Works

Nowadays the use of electric bells is widely preferred over the use of manual bells. This is because electric bells are more practical than manual bells.

For those of you who don’t know how the electric bell works, here are some explanations about how the electric bell works to produce the sound we hear, namely:

1. Press the On button

First, the way this electric bell works is by pressing the on button. There is on / off button available as a switch.

The on button causes electric current to flow when the circuit becomes connected, then flows to the coil which functions as a voltage source.

Furthermore, the electric current will work on the coil. In the on / off button the electric bell is given an interrupt so that the bell can sound several times and continuously repeated as needed.

2. Coils

In the electric bell, coil has an electromagnetic role which attracts the hitting metal.

The way it works is with an electric current flowing to the coil, the U-shaped iron will turn into a magnet.

From this magnet, the U-shaped iron attracts soft iron which is attached to a steel spring.

3. Magnets

After becoming a temporary magnet, then the iron anchor and steel spring will be attracted to the magnet or electromagnet. And hit the beater, causing the electric bell to ring.

This sound is then heard by us in a crowded place that requires a bell as information.

Those are some steps from how the electric bell works, starting from pressing the on button until the electric bell finally rings.

Although one of the advantages of electric bells is that they are practical and efficient, there are disadvantages, one of the most concerning is that electric bell cannot be functioned during power failure. You have to consider these advantages and disadvantages before deciding to use an electric bell.