50+ Housekeeping Tools and The Functions

Every room, both inside and outside, is cleaned and maintained by the housekeeping department. This department is also responsible for the care and upkeep of every room, including the exterior.

It is common for housekeeping instruments to be required to assist the actions of the housekeeping staff on duty. Even though there are many different housekeeping products, each one has a specific purpose and makes the cleaners’ job much more straightforward.

Listed below is a list of housekeeping instruments, along with descriptions of their purposes:

Tool’s NameThe Functions
Blower MachineFor drying wet floor carpets.
Spray BottleTo accommodate glass cleaning water, floors, tables, and others.
Brush And Long StickTo remove dirt adhering to dry and wet floors and sweep the floor with a long handle.
Ceiling BrushTo clean the dust on the ceiling or high surfaces and cobwebs on the ceiling of the room.
Container BinTo temporarily accommodate garbage before being transported by a garbage truck.
Danger NoticeTo give a warning sign, be careful if the floor is slippery when cleaning the floor, floor maintenance, or when mopping the floor.
Dry Foam ExtractionTo wash carpets with a foam system without the need to rinse again.
Dust Pan Dan BrushTo collect or lift dust and garbage.
Cleaning Tool BucketTo store supplies and cleaning materials as well as various other small tools.
Double Mop BucketTo accommodate water that has been mixed with cleaning agents and water that has not been used for mopping.
BucketTo collect water when mopping the floor or wiping the parts of the table that are dirty and less clean.
Extraction MachineTo absorb water off the carpet.
Floor MachineTo clean the floor and remove dirt and dust.
Floor SqueezeFor drying or dragging wet or soaked floor surfaces.
Interior ClothFor wiping or drying furniture, ceramics, porcelain, and others.
Protective JacketTo defend against fire.
NetTo prevent the load from dropping to the floor or the ground.
Jumbo PadFor washing bathroom walls that can be reached by hand.
Garbage BagsTo accommodate the guests’ waste, trash bins are supplied in the guest rooms.
Water Pulling RubberTo collect water that puddles on the ground.
WastebasketTo fit the waste from each trash can.
BrushTo clean between difficult-to-reach spots using a big brush.
Cotton WipeTo remove food stains from a table or floor.
Soft WipeTo clean dishes and glasses without water.
Floor MopTo remove the grime that adheres to the floor of the room.
Lobby DusterTo trap dust on floors or large surfaces.
MaskTo shield the mouth and nose from dust and grime.
Washing MachineFor laundering clothing, uniforms, bed covers, and other items.
MopTo remove food stains from a table or floor.
Pad Boy RedTo clean bathroom walls that are tough to reach by hand.
Pad ScourerTo clean bathroom walls and sinks.
Head ProtectorTo shield the head from impact.
DustpanTo assist the broom in picking up and removing dust and dirt.
PlungerTo free sewers and pipes of obstructions.
Polisher MachineTo polish marble floors to make them appear glossy.
Power WallFor cleaning walls or walls using a foaming method.
SeatbeltFor safety purposes, when cleaning the exterior glass of high-rise structures.
Straw BroomTo clean areas with abrasive materials, such as parking lots, asphalt, etc.
Broom for the CeilingTo clean the room’s ceiling.
Broom StickTo clean outdoor areas with direct soil contact, such as a garden.
Plastic BroomTo clean the room’s floor and the room itself.
GlovesTo protect your hands when cleaning floors and other furniture by using a chemical cleaning liquid.
Shampooing MachineTo assist in carpet cleaning.
Steel BrushFor removing extremely persistent stains from the floor.
Floor BrushTo remove dirt and dust from the tile or marble floor of the room.
Hand BrushTo remove dirt or stains from linens or rags.
Toilet BrushTo clean the bathroom’s closet area.
SpongeTo assist in removing persistent stains from tables and other surfaces.
StairsTo facilitate access to the difficult-to-reach area.
Telescopic SticAttach the cleaning tool to a difficult-to-reach cleaning object.
Rubbish BinTo accommodate dispersed waste or garbage dumps.
TrolleyTransporting equipment and supplies.
Trolley Public AreaTo store or transport public area equipment facilitates work.
Upholstery ExtractionTo clean sofas with a foam system.
Vacuum CleanerTo vacuum dust from the carpet or floor.
Window WasherFor washing or cleaning glass panes.
Window WipperTo remove water, dust, and other contaminants from the glass surface.