Home Cooling Fan Advantages and Disadvantages

There are so many types of fans on the market, but of course you really pay attention to the latest innovations produced by fan manufacturers, namely Home cooling fan.

Well, the next question is what are the advantages and disadvantages of home cooling fan that we must know before deciding to buy this type of fan product.

Kipas-Angin-Model-ACHere are some indicators that you must know before deciding to buy this product, which will be reviewed in terms of its advantages and disadvantages.


  • More durable electricity for the “Cooler” category if we compare it with AC and other electric cooling products.
  • Easy to carry anywhere to cool the room compared to cooler (AC) which is more difficult to move.
  • Lower price compared to AC or other electric cooling products.
  • Easy to put anywhere.


  • The quality of cooling under air conditioning, the ability to provide the temperature we want is very difficult.
  • Sometimes it takes water or ice cubes to get cooler results and this cool temperature usually doesn’t last long, if the ice has melted or isn’t cold then the temperature will drop back down.
  • Since some of these fan models emit liquid or steam around the room, this may have an impact on health problems, such as wet lungs (but research is needed to prove this).

This latest product is indeed widely used in outdoor spaces such as parties that are used for temporary needs.

This product is one of the fairly good innovations in the fan industry. At least sales for this type increase every year.

Low Budget Innovative Products

The presence of AC fans has a place in the hearts of the people, no wonder this product is in demand in the market.

Manufacturers also provide a wide variety of product choices with a high level of innovation. Save electricity and its role in replacing air conditioning during the day, making this product the main choice.

Health Problems

Many have asked about the health effects of long-term use. However, there is no certainty about the research which studies on this subject. For this reason, the use of an AC fan is a safe value.