Complete Description from the Gas Stove Parts Based on Type

One of the must have utensil for your kitchen is the gas stove. Gas stove has become the most common utensil used for cooking as well to warm up the food.

Some gas stove also had been integrated with an oven on the bottom shelf, that makes it even more multi-function, not just for cooking but you can do baking at the same time. So it will leave the hustle of purchasing an additional oven when you want to cook a cuisine using oven.

How does a gas stove works? A turn of the know will lead the valve to open and gas shall flow inside through the tube and entering the narrowed part which increases the pressure. The gas pressure will trigger the air hole, in the wider end part of the pipe to suck oxygen. A combustible mix of oxygen-gas flows in towards the burner. With the little spark signal triggered by the gas pilot, producing a burst of flame. In this way, you can enjoy cooking more effectively and time efficient.

Gas stove consist of several types. Today’s article we will discuss on the types of gas stove and its parts.

Embedded Gas Stove

Embedded gas sgove

This type considered to be quite safe because of its flat-surfaced embedded permanently. This give a positive impact in minimizing the stove accidentally shifted and already had a gas-leak detector device inside.

The advantage of an embedded gas stove is not only the safety precaution from gas leak, it will give a luxury look on your kitchen, easy to clean, and of course many other features therein. The disadvantage is, once you have it installed on your kitchen table, it will stay permanently.

Here are the parts from the embedded gas stove:

  • Pan support, is placed on top of the burner and help hold up your cookware when cooking.
  • Body kompor, is the compartment where all the parts installed.
  • Knob made of ABS plastic material and functioning as a flame burning adjuster.
  • Top plate to cover the inside components and as a sitting part for other components on top.
  • Burner head is also known as a cook top, where the flame burst out.
  • Simmer burner has small holes that produce small heats for warming up cooking.

Those are the main parts of an embedded gas stove and the functions for you to know when using for daily cooking activities.

Freestanding Gas Stove

Forestanding Gas Stove

A freestanding gas stove consists of a gas stove integrated with an oven underneath. This type is highly efficient for your cooking activities because its compact size that makes it more convenient in a small kitchen. Plus with an oven, all in one utensil. Great isn’t it.

Here are the parts from a freestanding gas stove:

  • Cover lid prevent your wall from oil splashes during cooking and also as a cover when you’re not using the stove.
  • Burner for cooking. In freestanding type have many burners and comes in different sizes too, so it will help cooking in multiple cookware at the same time.
  • Control panel mainly consist of the on/off button, ignition pilot, knobs for controlling the flame burst for each burner, and the oven controller as well.
  • Oven to do baking.
  • Pan support hold up cookware more stable when cooking.

Its comprehensive features give you a multi-benefit especially for those who love cooking and baking.

Commercial Gas Stove

Commercial Gas Stove

Commercial gas stove only have one burner. Commonly used for street food vendor due to its affordable price. The components are easy to be reassembled on your own and removable.

Parts inside the commercial gas stove:

  • Pan support to hold your cookwware.
  • Burner body is the holes where the flame burst out.
  • Gas valve cover works as a funnel for the gas left-over from the combustion, blow by inside the cylinder. Blow by means in term of the process where gas passed through the piston ring due to the pressure during combustion inside the crankcase.
  • Knob made of ABS plastic and functioning as a flame burning adjuster.

Those are parts commonly found in a commercial gas stove. This type of stove strongly durable due to its body made of cast iron. But the disadvantage is that only consist of one burner. Therefore will takes time for you to cook when you’re preparing for more than one cuisine. You have to do a one by one process of cooking.

Single Burner Gas Stove

Single Burner Gas Stove

This stove have only one single burner. Similar with commercial gas stove, this is commonly used by street food vendor. Different is the body has a cover.

It is widely picked by street food vendor to cooked their products because of it is easy to be installed in anywhere. At the early stage when the Government starting up the campaign conversion from kerosene usage to natural gas, as we know with LPG. This stove was given for free for households to cook using gas LPG.

The main frame body is also durable because it is made of iron. Constant cleaning is necessary to preserve the long life utility. More over it is constantly splashed with hot oil during cooking.

A single burner gas stove consist of:

  • Gas valve as the funnel controlling the gas flow inside the pipe system to open and shut when necessary.
  • Burner is where the gas and oxygen combusted and producing flame.
  • Simmer flame as a part of the burner with small holes where the small flame burst out for warming up food.
  • Pan support to hold the cookware stable while cooking.
  • Knob functioning to turn on and off as well as a flame adjuster.

Those are the descriptions on the parts you can find in a single burner gas stove.

Double Burner Gas Stove

double burner gas stove

Double burner gas stove is widely use in the middle economic level of household for their daily cooking. It has two burner, side by side. Some brand even invented this stove added up with grill right in the center. Of course this is more efficient despite of the single burner type. Allows you to grill and cook two kind of cuisine at the same time.

Here are the parts in the double burner gas stove:

  • Gas valve controls the gas flow inside the pipe line, to open and shut when necessary.
  • Burner a disc shape made of brass where the flame burst out.
  • Pan support to help you stabilize the cookware on top when cooking.
  • Knob for turning on and off the stove, also the adjust the burst of the flame.
  • Simmer flame is a small part inside the burner hear that allows small candle-shape flame burst out to warming up food.
  • Rubber leg functioned as the standing pillar for the stove, wrapped up in rubber for anti-slip.
  • Top plate as the sitting for components on top.

This article serve as a complete description on gas stove parts based on the type. Different shape and purpose of usage. Advantages and disadvantages from each type of the gas stove is align with the purpose for using it in daily cooking activities.