7 Futsal Equipment and Their Functions

Sports are one of the activities for body fitness. As a hobby, it works to fill in the spare time. It can also be an activity that can be done together with friends.

One sport that involves many people is futsal. Futsal itself is similar to soccer but in a smaller and more relaxed version. Futsal players only consist of 5 people per team as well, with a relatively small field and ball size.

As for the futsal game, each player needs to equip himself with futsal equipment such as shoes, clothes, balls, and so on. Maybe those of you who have often played futsal already know the equipment and even have it.

However, for those who are new to the futsal world, they need to know some of the equipment, namely:

1. Futsal Ball

futsal ball

Futsal balls are the most important equipment to provide before playing futsal. This is because the ball is an object that will be kicked and passed so that it becomes the core of the futsal game.

Usually, this futsal ball is provided by the team or rented in conjunction with the futsal field rental. However, there are several teams who decide to share the money and buy the ball according to the specifications desired by the team.

The shape of a futsal ball is similar to a soccer ball, but in small size in order to fit in to a smaller field size.

The futsal ball itself has many types with different colors, reflectivity, or appearance. Make sure to choose a futsal ball that is good and according to the wishes of the team because a good futsal ball will provide a fun and exciting playing experience.

2. Jersey

Furthermore, the equipment that needs to be provided before playing futsal is a futsal shirt, also known as a jersey. Actually, you can use any shirt to play futsal.

However, a random shirt will make you less comfortable and the appearance will be less aesthetic and sporty. For that, you need to have at least one to two futsal clothes for playing futsal.

Jersey shirts are generally made of polyester, which is known as a clothing material for athletes. This material is strong, resistant to scratches, not easy to tear, lightweight, easy to use and remove, has a color that does not fade, and cool visuals.

Make sure the futsal shirt is the same as the one team. This is because the function of futsal clothes besides protecting the body from dirt is also to become a distinguishing identity with the opposing team. Usually, futsal clothes are accompanied by the jersey number and name of the player.

3. Futsal Pants

The futsal pants are actually a package with futsal clothes. Some sports shops or online stores sell futsal clothes and futsal pants in a package (a pair).

It’s the same with futsal clothes. In fact, you can wear any pants when playing futsal. However, apart from the appearance that is less cool and uncomfortable, the wrong pants will make it difficult to play.

Wearing long pants or tights will reduce movement and can cause you to sweat more. For that, the right choice is pants made of polyester (jersey pants).

Apart from what has been mentioned in point 2, these polyester pants will be soft on the skin, will reduce sweat production because of the smooth air circulation, and can still protect the thighs from scratches when you fall while playing.

4. Futsal Shoes

This equipment also really needs to be considered, where futsal shoes can affect performance in kicking and passing the ball.

The main aspects that need to be considered in choosing futsal shoes are the comfort and strength aspects of the shoes. Usually, good futsal shoes are made of synthetic leather which is elastic so that it can adjust the shape of the foot.

Futsal shoes and soccer shoes have differences because they are used on different playing fields. Usually, soccer shoes have shoe soles with a jagged surface or raised soles. This is because these shoes are used on grassy fields so they need a hard grip.

Unlike the futsal shoes that are used on a flat and hard court, the soles of the shoes are designed to be flat and relatively soft compared to the soles of soccer shoes.

5. Socks


Socks need to be used to protect the calves from scratches when they fall. The socks used are long socks to the bottom of the knees to maximize the protection of the calves.

You can choose the color of the socks according to your taste, but make sure the colors are similar to or close to the colors of the shirts and jersey pants you are wearing. Socks are usually made of wool, which is soft to wear. Wearing socks can also make it easier to attach foot protectors.

6. Dekker


As the name implies, this futsal equipment is used to protect the feet, especially the shins of the feet or knees from impact so that they can avoid injury.

This foot protector is worn before putting on the socks. The socks here will support the protector and attach it properly to the shin of the calf. Usually, Dekker is made of rubber or other elastic materials. This equipment needs to be worn to avoid injury while playing.

7. Keeper Gloves

keeper gloves

Well, for this one piece of equipment, it is enough to be provided by the keeper player. By wearing gloves, it is more likely for a keeper to catch the ball without getting injured from the ball speed.

If you don’t use gloves, you may experience an injury when you prevent the ball from entering the goal such as sprained fingers or bruised hands due to fast darting balls.

In addition, the chances of catching the ball will be small and it is possible that the ball will escape the catch if you don’t use gloves.

In choosing gloves, make sure the gloves are made of elastic material so that the hands are free to move in catching the ball. Also, choose one with a strong glove hook so it doesn’t come off easily during use. Don’t forget to pay attention to the appearance of the gloves to match the futsal costume so that it looks more sporty.

That is the futsal equipment that needs to be provided before playing futsal. Good and comfortable equipment can provide an unforgettable and enjoyable playing experience.