4 Frequent Dispenser Malfunctions

Dispenser is a tool that is necessary for many households and businesses today.

Dispensers are tools that ease daily drinking activities and needs at home and work.

With the dispenser, we no longer need to apply the old way of drinking: cooking raw water and cooling it before it can be drunk.

Although dispensers themselves make drinking more efficient, if not properly maintained, various risks of dispenser damage often occur, as below.

1. Indicator Light Won’t Turn On

A light that won’t turn on is one of the most common signs that a dispenser is broken.

The light might not be on because that part of the dispenser’s electrical circuit is broken.

But if the electrical circuit is broken, usually only the indicator light will go out, and the other parts will stay on.

To determine if the indicator lights are not turning on because of a problem with another part of the dispenser, the whole thing must be checked out.

If the indicator light doesn’t come on, it doesn’t always mean a big problem. Sometimes, even if the light is off, you can still heat or cool the water just fine.

2. Dispenser Completely Off

The dispenser could stop working completely if it doesn’t have a power source. This could be because you forgot to plug it in or because there is a power outage.

A total power failure dispenser must be checked immediately if it is connected to a power source and the power is not turned off.

There are many reasons why the dispenser might have stopped working completely, such as a broken switch or a broken cable.

But you still need to take it to a professional technician for a detailed check.

There is a chance that the problem or damage is worse than what was thought or expected.

3. Leaks

The most common damage to dispensers is leaking dispensers.

Several factors, such as the following, can potentially cause this leak:

  • Leaking water gallon
  • Problematic dispenser hose or pipe
  • Broken dispenser faucet

Since these three factors are the most common causes of dispenser leaks, dispenser users can check these three parts when they occur.

A dispenser that leaks could be because when buying it, was not careful enough, so there were parts that had problems before.

However, a leaking dispenser can also be caused by poor maintenance.

If you have checked and found the main cause of the leak, there is usually no way to solve it other than replacing the problematic components with new ones.

4. Water Can’t Be Cooled and Heated

Another common problem with dispensers is that the heater’s parts don’t work right.

If the dispenser’s heating element isn’t working right, it could be because of a broken heating tube, a broken temperature bimetal, or even a broken cable.

In these situations, the water that comes out of the dispenser might not be hot.

But the thermostat is probably part of the broken dispenser if the water won’t get cold.

No matter the problem with the dispenser, you should check it yourself or take it to a professional immediately so that the right treatment can be given.