8 Fitness Equipment to Lose Belly Fat

Having an extra belly fat is a problem for some people. Apart from being able to cause various diseases and other reason, too much belly fat also reduces one’s self-confidence. There are various ways to flatten your belly, such as eating clean diet, exercising, getting enough rest and many more. Exercise that are done to get ideal body or just to flatten your belly consisted of exercise that can be done with equipment and without equipment.

Exercise using an equipment are usually carried out outdoor or in a closed place called a gym. However, there are also some fitness equipment that are affordable so you can do the exercise at home.

It should be noted that there are so many fitness equipment that have their own functions. In this article, we will discuss tools that focus on flattening belly so you will know what equipment to choose.

  1. 1. Treadmill

Treadmill is a fitness equipment that has a concept like jogging or brisk walking. After choosing what kind of exercise you want to do, you can adjust the speed of the treadmill walking belt. The advantage of this equipment is that you don’t need to go outdoor just to do jogging, with this equipment you can run indoors.

This equipment will focus on moving the lower body part so that the stomach is contracted and fat in the stomach or other lower body parts are burned. Besides being able to move the lower body, you can also make variations by swinging your hands or holding a barbell.

  • 2. Stepper / Climber
Stepper / Climber

As the name implies, this fitness tool has a work concept such as when climbing stairs (stepper) or climbing a mountain (climber). When you do this movement, the weight of the body will rest on the muscles around the knees and abdomen so that it can burn fat properly.

However, this fitness tool is not recommended for elderly or if you have an osteoporosis condition. This tool has two forms, one of them is like the picture above and one shaped like a short ladder and moves alternately like a treadmill.

stationary bike
Static Bicycle

Static bike is a fitness equipment that has the concept of cycling. So you can get benefits of without having to go outdoors. The pedaling motion makes your thighs contract and pull the lower part of the stomach, leading to burned fat. In addition, this equipment can be used as a cardio exercise to keep the body fit.

  • 4. Elliptical

Elliptical has a concept nearly similar to a treadmill. On treadmill, the movement of the feet will be influenced by the rotation of the treadmill machine itself, while on elliptical it must be moved manually by the feet.

In addition, this equipment according to some people is safer than a treadmill because there is no bouncing of the ankle and knee joints.

  • 5. Cross Trainer
cross trainer
Cross trainer

Cross trainer is a fitness equipment that functions to combine upper and lower body movements. Cross here means because the movements of the arms and legs cross each other so that the exercise is more optimal.

This equipment is a combined modification of the treadmill and elliptical. Besides being able to burn belly fat, this tool can help build the muscles in the arms and thighs.

  • 6. Revoflex Xtreme
revoflex xtreme
Revoflex Xtreme

Revoflex xtreme is a fitness equipment that has many uses. This equipment can be applied in various movements. With this equipment, we can maximally burn fat in the abdominal area and form the muscles in the arm. Make sure to involves moving the lower body or abdomen if you want to focus on flattening your belly.

  • 7. Spin Black Power
Spin Black Power
Spin Black Power

This fitness equipment has a function to form the muscles on stomach and thighs. This equipment can be done by lying on your back or stomach. Make a stomach bending movement so that the belly fat can be burned.

Besides flattening your belly, this equipment can also be used to build the arm muscles. This equipment can be disassembled and easy to carry anywhere.

  • 8. Six Pack Cycle
six pack cycle
Six Pack Cycle

Six pack cycle is similar to spin black power but this equipment cannot be disassembled. As the name implies, this fitness tool serves to form a six pack on your stomach.

Using this equipment is almost the same like doing sit ups. But with the help of this equipment, you can build muscle faster, facilitate your movement, and do not make your spine hurt. By using this equipment routinely, you can also maintain heart health.

Those are some of the fitness equipment that can flatten your belly to make you healthier. It can also boost your confidence. After reading this article, hopefully you will not choose the wrong fitness equipment. Beside flattening your belly, consider doing exercise that also help you to build a muscle.