8 Fitness Equipment to Increase Body Height

There are several things that can increase your potential height, which are exercise, adequate rest, and fulfillment of nutrients such as Vitamin D and calcium.

Exercise can increase muscle mass so that it helps the absorption of calcium which is important for bones. In addition, exercise can also stimulate the release of the hormone HGH (human growth hormone) which plays a role in increasing height growth.

Meaning, as long as you exercise and consume adequate nutrition, your HGH hormone will still help you grow tall. Therefore, here are a variety of fitness equipment that can help you achieve your ideal height:

1. Inversion Table

inversion table
Inversion Table

In order for you to reach your ideal height, you need to stretch your bones so that they are longer and can absorb nutrients optimally. One of them is by using the Inversion table stretching tool.

This tool will position your upper body hanging down so that your weight can pull on the bones. As we know that the upper limbs are much heavier than the lower limbs.

When using this tool, you are required to be more careful, because forcing your body to the maximum limit it can bear can cause spinal cord injury.

In addition, your blood flow becomes heavier so that it can cause dizziness and fainting if you use it for too long. So take care to prevent injury.

2. Therapy Bed

therapy bed
Therapy Bed

Therapy beds can stretch your bones and improve stooped posture. You will feel the benefits at first use significantly. Therapy bed also helps prevent osteoporosis because it helps the absorption of calcium.

3. Horizontal Bar

horizontal bar
Horizontal Bar

This tool helps you do chin ups that will stretch your spine. However, you need strong arm muscles and back muscles to be able to do chin ups.

This sport is a strenuous exercise, so in addition to increasing height, it can also burn calories and secrete the hormone HGH so that you can grow taller.

When doing chin ups or pull ups, try hanging for a few minutes. If you can, try to push your body until it reaches the perfect movement.

Then consistently do this movement every day, so that you get stronger and can increase the reps higher.

4. Spin Black Power

spin back power
Spin Black Power

Spin black power can stretch your bones, and can also help form a six-pack stomach. This tool will make abdominal and back exercises more efficient, as you will focus on building your abs and stretching your spine.

It’s different if you don’t use this tool, because your energy will be used to strengthen other muscles such as neck and leg muscles. Makes your workout inefficient.

5. Trampoline


Trampolines are not just toys for children. Sports that require jumping, can make you taller. You can exercise more fun but still be effective.

Make sure you use it in a large area and there are no tree branches or ceilings that can harm your head.

6. V-O Apparatus

vo appatrus
V-O Apparatus

The V-O Apparatus is an orthopedic device for maximizing your height by stimulating your spine. You can have this tool by buying it online and just start exercising at home.

7. Jump Rope/Skipping

jump rope
Jump Rope

You could say this option is the cheapest option compared to other options, because it only requires a tool in the form of a skipping rope to do it.

The principle is the same as other sports, which helps the absorption of calcium by building muscle mass in the leg area.

In addition, it is also used as a fitness tool to shrink the stomach, because it helps burn calories and secrete the hormone HGH which plays a role in bone growth. You have to do it consistently to see the changes.

8. Captain Chair

captain chair
Captain Chair

You can find this tool in every fitness center. In addition to forming a six-pack stomach, this tool can help improve posture and increase height. So you can reach the height you want.

Those are some fitness tools to increase body height. Exercise is an essential need that can make your body athletic and mentally strong.

Regardless of age and heredity, you can still grow tall as long as you exercise regularly, meet your nutritional needs, and get enough rest, because muscle mass and the secretion of the hormone HGH can help you grow optimally.