Fan Components Based on Their Type

The fan is an electronic device that has a function to generate wind so that the surrounding air is cooler. In general, fans are useful for air conditioning, ventilation, air fresheners and dryers.

Fans offer a variety of shapes based on their type. The type of fan you choose can be adjusted to your needs. The following is an explanation about fan parts based on type:

Wall Fan

wall fan
Wall Fan Components

The first type of fan is a wall fan. This fan can be used on a large room because it is mounted on the wall. Sometimes installed permanently and semi-permanently. The following are the parts contained in a wall fan, namely:

  • The front guard has a function to protect the propeller from being touched when turning.
  • Fan Blade is useful as a propeller that generates wind when the fan is turned on.
  • The rear guard acts as a motor protector at the rear of the fan.
  • Swivel brackets have a function for the cover or adhesive of the safety screw.
  • The safety screw is intended for the casing of the fan, which later joins the swivel brackets.

Standing Fan

standing fan
Standing Fan Components

The next type of fan is a standing fan. The advantage of this fan is that it can be raised and lowered as needed. The following is an explanation about the parts on standing fan:

  • Rear guard is useful as blade protection when rotating or not rotating.
  • The blade generates wind when the fan is turned on.
  • The temperature panel has a function to adjust the required wind speed from small to large.
  • The motor acts as a machine that works in regulating the work of the fan as a whole.
  • The out join on a standing fan acts to lengthen or raise the fan.
  • Stand base is a part that is useful as a step from the fan.

Hanging fan

hanging fan
Hanging Fan Components

Hanging fans, as the name implies, these fans are usually hung on the ceiling and look different from wall fans or other fans.

One of the advantages of hanging fans is that they do not take up space, because they are placed on the ceiling. The parts of this hanging fan are:

  • Mounting device, this section is the part that acts as an attachment between the fan and the roof where it is installed.
  • Iron plays a role in connecting the blades so that they can rotate properly when the fan is turned on.
  • The blades of the fan are useful for generating wind.
  • Remote control fan section that regulates the speed and motion of the hanging fan.

Mini Fan

mini fan
Mini Fan Components

The mini fan is a fan that is most in demand, especially by women. Its function is the same as other fans, but this fan has an advantage, which is can be carried everywhere. This fan is designed to be portable.

Mini fans generally require batteries or charging before use. If the fan is charged, then if it runs out, it must be recharged.

The parts of this mini fan are as follows:

  • The front guard is the guard of the fan that protects the blade.
  • The function of the blade generates air when the fan rotates.
  • The function of the rear guard is the opposite of the front guard, which is to protect the blade from the back.
  • The stand base is the place where the mini fan stands, it can be placed on the table or it can be held by hand as well.

AC Fan

AC Fan
AC Fan Components

The AC fan has a different shape because the shape of this fan is square. It has the same function which is to generate wind, thus making the room cool and fresh. Nowadays a lot of people are starting to switch to using ac fans because its shape seems luxurious and elegant compared to ordinary fans.

One of the advantages of an AC fan is that it saves electricity, it takes only about 10-30 watts. AC fan maintenance is also easy, and can be used indoors and outdoors. Here are the parts of the AC fan:

  • The front guard functions as a protector of the fan blade when rotating the blades to generate wind.
  • The on / off button on the AC fan has a function to turn the fan on or off.
  • The control button regulates the wind speed needed to make the room cool and fresh.
  • The air conditioner is part of the fan that rotates to produce air.

A fan is really needed, especially when the weather is hot. Well, from the explanation about the types of fans and their parts, you can choose the one that suits your needs.