7 Equipment for Muay Thai and Their Functions

Martial arts have changed over time into many different styles. From taekwondo, karate, and boxing to Muay Thai.

Muay Thai is a martial art sport that was created in Thailand. It uses various techniques, such as kicks, attacks, boxing, elbows, grips, and knee strikes.

Muay Thai is a high-intensity sport, so it makes sense to burn many calories. This martial art burns between 300 and 420 calories per hour. So it makes sense that this sport benefits the body in many ways.

Muay Thai needs special gear so that the body doesn’t get hurt. And here is a list of the gear you need for Muay Thai before starting this martial art.

1. Boxing gloves

Equipment for Muay Thai

Boxing gloves are the only thing that must be worn before doing Muay Thai. This tool is essential because it keeps the hands safe. There are two kinds of boxing gloves: used for fighting and for hitting the bag.

Of course, they are not the same. Most boxing gloves used to hit the bag are thinner. This is meant to help you hit faster and warm up better.

On the other hand, boxing gloves used for fighting or sparring tend to be thicker and more prominent. This is because they are meant to protect the hands from being hit by the opponent.

Boxing gloves come in different sizes and can be changed to fit the size of the hand. The boxing gloves you choose should be the right size and feel good when you wear them. Also, the most important thing to remember is that you must own the boxing gloves you use to keep them clean.

2. Hand Wrap

Equipment for Muay Thai

Before putting on boxing gloves, the next piece of Muay Thai gear to wear is a hand wrap. Hand wrap is essential because it keeps the bones and muscles of the hands from getting hurt.

With the hand wrap, the hand is held so that when you hit, your fingers and wrist don’t move.

The hand warp will look like a long rope wrapped around the hand and wrist. Most Muay Thai people use two hand wraps: the traditional one is made of woven cotton, and the other is made of semi-elastic cotton and spandex.

3. Mouth Guard

Equipment for Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a martial art from Thailand. The next piece of Muay Thai gear is a mouth guard, a great way to keep your teeth safe while doing this self-defense sport. Most mouth guards are made to cover the upper teeth to protect the tongue, inner cheeks, and mouth.

People often use different kinds of mouth guards, such as stock or ready-made mouth guards, mouth adapters, and mouth protectors that are made to fit the user’s mouth. Each type of mount guard has its pros and cons.

One kind of mouth guard that is easy to find on the market is made from stock. Since a company makes this mouthguard, many people think it doesn’t fit the size and shape of the person who wears it.

On the other hand, the mouth adapter is made of thermoplastic, a type of plastic that gets soft when heated and hard when cooled. It’s straightforward to use.

Just soak the mouth guard in hot water until it softens, then presses it onto the upper teeth with your fingers and tongue until it fits the shape of the teeth and jaw of the person wearing it.

And finally, a mouth guard is made to fit the shape of the person’s teeth and jaw. A dentist with a lot of experience must make this mouthguard. So it makes sense that this mouthguard is more expensive than the other two.

4. Ankle Wrap

Equipment for Muay Thai

When doing Muay Thai, you need to protect not only your hands but also your feet. Because of this, the foot must be held in place by an ankle wrap, which not only keeps the foot from getting hurt but also keeps the ankle joint stable.

Sprains, especially in the ankle, can be avoided using an ankle wrap.

The ankle wrap is made of cotton and spandex, so it doesn’t make your feet too hot and is comfortable against your skin. Choosing these materials also keeps you from slipping or falling when they rub against the floor.

5. Punch Mitt

Equipment for Muay Thai

Most of the time, two people can work on Muay Thai together. One of them will be in charge of blocking the punches and kicking the other’s throw. And the person who is getting hit must have a unique piece of gear called punch mitts.

A punch mitt is something that looks like a cushion and is worn on the hand. Its job is to block and deflect kicks and punches from the opponent. Punch mitts are made of soft materials, so getting hit or kicked won’t hurt.

It is used with the hand, and the target of the attack movement in Muay Thai is also different. Most people who use punch mitts are professional trainers or people who have done Muay Thai before.

6. Sandbag

Equipment for Muay Thai

In Muay Thai, a sandbag is used to train punches and kicks. There are many different kinds of bags on the market. The type of bag usually used to train for Muay Thai is an uppercut bag.

When it comes to size, heavy bags are more extensive than uppercut bags. The most important thing is that the bag is made of a material that can take hard hits and weighs more than half as much as the person carrying it.

7. Head Guard

Equipment for Muay Thai

Muay Thai is not just about moving your hands, body, or feet. But right on. If you get hit in the head, you will die. It would help if you had a head guard, also called a head protector.

The head guard is made of foam and is shaped like a helmet. It is comfortable and protects the head at the same time. During training, it is essential to wear a head guard so that the head doesn’t get hurt.

So, this is the typical gear for Muay Thai, a martial arts form. With this gear, Muay Thai activities will work better and help people improve at this sport. Hopefully, this could be helpful for you.