5 Equipment For Boxing and Their Functions

Boxing is a sport in which two people fight each other with punches. This sport has become one of the most well-known sports in the world, and it is now often played in more than one country.

History says that boxing has been around since Ancient Greece and was the world’s first Olympic sport. In ancient Rome, boxers wore a cestus, a metal-and-leather glove. During a boxing match, these gloves are used to hurt or even kill the other person.

Over time, boxing became a sport, and there were even rules that boxers had to follow.

Besides the match, boxing is good for your health in other ways. You are starting with making your heart and lungs healthier, training your body’s coordination, strengthening your muscles, and improving your posture.

It would help if you had special equipment to get the most out of a boxing workout. And here is some boxing gear that can be used when training for boxing.

1. Boxing gloves

Before training or fighting, boxers must wear their boxing gloves, the essential piece of gear they have. In the past, boxers would use the cestus they held in their hands as weapons during matches.

But right now, you can’t use cestus. Instead, it would help if you used boxing gloves, which are safer and won’t kill you.

Boxing gloves not only protect the boxer’s opponent from getting hurt by punches but also protect the boxer’s hand from dislocated finger joints and give the boxer’s wrist support when they hit.

Boxing gloves themselves come in different styles, such as:

Training Glove

Training glove

This boxing glove is a must-have for all boxers, whether they are pros or just starting. The primary way to use these boxing gloves is to punch a punching bag or other padding. When hitting the bag, the heavy cushion on the training glove protects the hand.

Sparring Glove

Sparring Glove

As the name suggests, these boxing gloves are used to train or pretend to fight. At first glance, the shape looks like a training glove, but the cushions are softer than those on a training glove. This is done so that a hit won’t hurt the opponent too much.

Professional Glove

Professional Glove

This type of professional glove must be a boxing glove. Only professional boxers can use these gloves. Boxing matches are the only time these gloves are used. They are not suitable for regular training.

The shape is quite dense, with both stronger and lighter bearings. This makes the strokes go faster. This boxing glove cover comes in two types: ones that use Velcro and ones that use straps. But many professional boxers use strap closures because they are thought to fit the wrist better.

These boxing gloves aren’t cheap and are hard to find anywhere. Also, boxing gloves have to be ordered ahead of time so that they can be made to fit the size of the hand.

2. Sandbag


The sandbag is another piece of boxing gear that is often used during training. Boxing bags are a great way to train your body’s strength or speed when moving. When choosing bags for boxing, there are a few things to remember.

The bag’s weight must also be considered since it needs to be based on the person’s weight. For boxing, the bag must be half the weight of the boxer. When the bag is hit, it will move a little bit, which can be used to train leg movements.

In addition to the weight, the bag also affects the type of exercise. Most of the time, there are two kinds of bags used for boxing: heavy bags and speed bags. Both bags are different in how they look and are used.

People use heavy bags to get stronger and build muscle. This bag is between 100 and 120 cm long. The speed bag or speedball bag, on the other hand, is small and light. It can be used to improve speed, hand-eye coordination, and accuracy.

3. Punch Mitt

Punch Mitt

Boxers practice one-on-one fights by fighting in pairs. This helps them get better at fighting on their own. The only difference is that the two boxers don’t use boxing gloves. Instead, they use punch mitts.

Punch mitts are gloves that have padding on them. This thing will be used as a target when learning how to box. Most people who use punch mitts are boxing trainers.

4. Skipping rope

tali skipping

Boxing training includes more than just practicing how to punch. For example, leg movement exercises are also a part of the training. In boxing, the leg movements are not used to kick like in Muay Thai. Instead, they are used to move the opponent.

Boxers can use a skipping rope to train this skill. So it makes sense that fighters must jump rope for a few minutes while practicing.

There are also different kinds of jump ropes. Most skipping ropes are made of leather or wire, which makes them very durable and perfect for boxers who need to train with a lot of intensity.

5. Head Guard

Head Guard

In boxing, the head is a part of the body that gets hit a lot. Boxers usually have to wear a head guard to protect their heads during training and to keep them from getting hurt.

The head guard is made of foam, which cushions the head and makes it less likely that blows will hurt it.

These are some of the things that boxers use, whether they are just starting or are pros. The most important thing is ensuring that all the equipment is of good quality. We hope that the above information can help.