6 Equipment For Barbeque and Their Functions

Most people look forward to getting together with family or friends on the weekend. In addition to making you feel less tired after work, this activity can help you get closer to your family and friends.

One thing that can be done is to have a “burning,” or what most people call a barbecue (BBQ). Meat is cooked on a barbecue by grilling it on a grill.

Not only meat but also fish, chicken, mushrooms, vegetables, and so on can be cooked on a grill.

Before having a barbecue, a few things need to be set up. Here are a few things you need to know about barbecue gear.

1. Grill

Equipment For Barbeque

A grill is an essential equipment you can’t do without if you want to barbecue. If you don’t have a grill, you won’t be able to cook.

There are many different kinds of grills on the market to choose from. They are starting with people who need a stove or charcoal to heat their homes.

When using a charcoal grill, it’s best to start making the coals 30 minutes to an hour before cooking. This is to keep the cooking from taking too long.

2. Knife

Equipment For Barbeque

The knife will be used at the next barbecue, another important event to plan for. Knives are great for cutting things like beef, chicken, and vegetables that will be roasted into smaller or more uniform pieces. So, all of the food can cook at the same rate.

We recommend that the knife be in good shape or have been sharpened well. This is to make cutting ingredients, especially meat, easier.

3. Food tongs

Equipment For Barbeque

Turn baked goods over on the other side to keep them from burning or getting too done on one side. Use tongs to turn food, so you don’t have to use your hands.

Use metal food tongs so they won’t break easily if they get burned by accident. Also, the food tongs you use should be long enough, so your hands don’t stay close to the hot grill for too long.

Choose tongs with teeth-like ends so you can “bite” into good food. So, when you turn the food over or lift it off the grill, it won’t fall off as quickly.

4. Skewers

Equipment For Barbeque

Some foods can be pierced with a skewer before they go in the oven or burned directly on the grill. Still, the food must first be cut into pieces that are all the same size.

After cutting, the ingredients can be put on the skewers in layers immediately. Depending on your taste, you can use bamboo or iron for the skewers.

If you’re going to use bamboo skewers, it’s a good idea to soak them in water before putting food on them. This will keep the skewers from getting too hot in the oven and burning.

5. Brush

Equipment For Barbeque

The taste of baked goods is the most important thing about barbecues. Because of this, spices play a significant role in making food taste good.

Not only can food be soaked or marinated, but spices can also be spread on it while roasting. To spread the seasoning evenly over the whole surface of the food, you need a brush.

The brush should be silicone, which is flexible and can handle the heat. So, the brush will be safe to use to grease food cooked on a grill.

6. Cleaning Brush

Equipment For Barbeque

After the barbecue activity, don’t forget to clean the barbecue equipment, including the grill. Usually, the remnants of roasting will stick and make the grill look dirty.

To clean it can use a special brush made of wire. Don’t forget to use warm water and dish soap so that the dirt can be removed ideally.

This explains what equipment for barbecues must be prepared before doing barbeque activities. Hopefully, the information above can be helpful too.