Electric Bicycle Components and Their Functions

An electric bicycle is a type of bicycle that is powered by electricity. There are 2 types of electric bicycles, they are electric bikes with pedals and without pedals.

An electric bicycle with a pedal works just like an ordinary bicycle. It’s just that electric bikes with pedals can keep going without pedaling, this is due to the presence of electrical energy that gives motion to the dynamo. The top of the dynamo touches the tire’s rim, which spins when the bicycle starts moving.

Meanwhile, electric bikes without pedals only rely on dynamos to keep the bike running. The shape of this vehicle is very similar to an automatic motorbike, but usually looks smaller.

The following is a description of the components of an electric bicycle in general, especially those that use pedals.

Part of Electric Bike
Electric Bicycle Components

1. Speed ​​Grip

Speed ​​grip or handle grip used on electric bicycles has a function to regulate speed by holding back the flow of electricity. Usually the material of the speed grip is made of rubber, so it will be more durable and long lasting.

2. Brake Lever

The brake lever or what is commonly called the brake can be used to decrease the speed of an electric bicycle while it is moving, so it will stop immediately. There is one set of brake lever for the left and right side of the electric bicycle handlebar.

3. Brake Cable

Brake cables are cables in brakes that has a function to deliver electricity from component to component, which is usually located in front of the handlebar of an electric bicycle. Usually the cable is made of wire coated with rubber.

4. Cable Holder

The cable holder is a tool for holding the cable to make it look neat and attached to an electric bicycle, so when you are pedaling an electric bicycle you won’t have a tangled cables.

5. Screw Reflector

This component can also be called a reflector bolt that has a function to install a reflector in front of an electric bicycle. Usually the reflector will turn on at night, this is very useful to indicate that you are carrying an electric bicycle on the road, because sometimes at night it tends to be very dark on the road.

6. Plate

Its function is to protect electric bicycle components.

7. Front Drumbrake

Also known as the front drum brake or mechanical brake, its function is to brake the speed when traveling. It works through a cable connected from the brake handle to the drum.

8. Tire

The tire or outer tire has a function to dampen vibrations, so an electric bicycle can withstand shocks when driving on the road.

9. Tube

The tube or inner tube has a function to protect the inner tube from being easily popped or leaking. In addition, it also functions to withstand air pressure from outside, so that the tire shape remains perfect and usable.

10. Rim

Rim or wheel is a kind of frame where the wheel attaches, and the nets on the wheel are supported by the rim.

11. Power Assist button

Usually known as the assist pedal which is used to regulate speed, just like a motorcycle. There are 2 types of throttle that can be used for electric bicycles, namely:

  • Thumb throttle model, works by pushing the thumb to trigger a pull.
  • Twist grip throttle that works exactly like a motorcycle, you just need to hold the throttle then move it back so that the electric bike can run normally.

12. Headlamp / Indicator Display

Its function is to display the condition of an electric bicycle when it is in use, including the capacity of the battery, the temperature of the dynamo used by the electric bicycle, and the speed.

13. Horn button

The function of the horn button is to generate a horn sound when pressed as a means of communication, as well as to avoid the risk of driving.

14. Grip

Serves to regulate the speed and maintain the stability of a person while riding an electric bicycle.

15. Speed ​​Cable

Has a function to regulate the flow of electric current flowing to the electric bicycle. This cable also regulates the speed of the electric bicycle when it is used.

16. Handle Stem

One of the components for connecting the electric bicycle handlebar to the control pole located on the bicycle fork.

17. Seatpost Key

Seat post key or bicycle ignition key that has a function to activate an electric bicycle so that it can run. It works by just turning it.

18. Seat Post

Serves as a seat or support for the saddle (seat for sitting on an electric bicycle) to make it more comfortable when cycling. Seatpost height can also be adjusted according to your convenience.

19. Frame

The frame has a function to support all components in an electric bicycle, as well as reinforcing the structure and controlling the electric bicycle.

20. Fork

Serves to reduce shocks when going through a damaged or uneven road in order to stay comfortable when riding an electric bicycle

21. Front Axle

Also called a bolt, it functions to tighten the front wheel so that it does not come off.

22. Central As

Bolts used in the pedals that has a function to keep the pedals in place when pedaling.

23. Pedals

A component used to transmit power from the legs so that the electric bicycle can run.

24. Saddle

The seat used to hold the weight of the electric bicycle rider.

25. Battery

The function of the battery in an electric bicycle is as a source of electricity that can drive a dynamo.

26. Back Seat

To hold the weight of a person who is ridden behind an electric bicycle rider.

27. Rear Foot Step

This component is used for a footrest on an electric bicycle.

28. Controller

To regulate how fast or slow an electric bicycle is when driving, in short, it adjust the motion of the electric bicycle when it is used.

29. Back Holder

As a backrest for people who are ridden behind when riding an electric bicycle.

30.Screw Reflector

Can be called a reflector bolt that has a function to install a reflector on the back of an electric bicycle. Usually the reflector will turn on at night.

31. Plate

Its function is to protect electric bicycle components.

32. Spark Board

Its function is to protect the rider from splashes of water coming from the tires.

33. Spark Board Tail

Its function is also to withstand splashes of water from the tires.

34. Tire Cap

Its function is to prevent air or dirt from outside getting into the tires.

35. Electric Motor

Commonly referred to as a dynamo, it is a component that generates power on an electric bicycle and makes it move with electrical energy which is converted into motion energy.

36. Rear Drum Brake

Also known as a drum that has a function to brake the electric bicycle and slow down the speed.

37. Kick Stand

It is a stand that is used to hold the weight of an electric bicycle when it is not in use.

Those are the components of an electric bike in general. Also know the advantages and disadvantages of electric bikes, before deciding to ride them.