6 Differences between the Automatic and Manual Transmission Cars

When you want to buy cars, you have many decision to make, such as the types of car, the body style, the color, the type of machine, and the transmission.

As the other big decision, it is good to spare a little time to research about your preferences, especially about the transmission.

Do you want to know which transmission is the best for you? You habit and preferences of driving will help you to make the decision.

differences between the automatic and manual transmission cars
Automatic transmission VS Manual transmission

Before you go to dealer to buy new car, it is best to understand about the difference between the automatic and manual cars.

Both of the types has its own pros and cons. So that it will help you to driving everyday.

1. Shifting Gear System

The mainly difference between the automatic and manual transmission is the method to shifting the car’s gear.

In the automatic transmission, the car can decide automatically when to shift the gears. On the contrary, in the manual transmission, you are responsible to shifting the gear using the clutch pedal and the gas pedal.

The shifting process is very important both in the manual transmission and automatic transmission. When you increase the rotation of your machine, the RPM will be also increased. This information can be seen on the tachometer.

This tachometer will show you the speed of the RPM of your machine, and also have the red area that indicates the speed of the RPM is on the maximum level, and the gear need to be shifted.

To protect your machine, you have to shift the gear before the indicator in tachometer hits the red area. In the automatic transmission, the car do the job for you.

For most people that drive daily or even for the new drivers that drive the car for the first time, automatic transmission gives the easiest experience in driving. There are several advantages in driving the automatic cars.

2. Easy to Drive

You dont have to worry about the shifting gears, the automatic transmission will handle that so that you can keep focus on the street.

Automatic cars can be very practical choice, Evenmore if you are often stuck in the traffic jam on busy hour, using the manual transmission can be very exhausting.

For a new driver, automatic cars can be easier to learn than using the clucth pedal on the manual cars.

The manual cars can be more difficult to be learnt and need a lot of time to concentrate and coordinate the hands and feet. They maybe not the best option for the new driver or the driver that has low stamina to drive, such as the old peoples or drivers that need to drive for a long hour to work.

3. Time of Shifting the Gear

In the shifting gear process, automatic cars will be faster in shifting the gears than the manual cars. This can help the drivers to accelerate fast, for example if you are on the highway.

On contrary if you use the manual transmission, you need more time to do the shifting process depends on you skills.

4. Price

If you calculate the price , the cost of the automatic cars are more expensive than the manual cars, including the maintenance cost. But, you have to remember that the sensation will be match the cost spent on it.

On the manual cars, there are several factors that makes the manual cars felt cheaper over all than the automatic cars. If you buy new cars, manual transmission can be a cheaper choice.

The manual cars also can get further distance than the automatic cars. Because the drivers can adjust the machine of the RPM so it will be less consuming the fuel.

Besides of the cheap price for the purchasing cost and the fuel, repairing the manual cars can be cheaper too than the automatic cars. Perhaps you only have to change the clutch of the cars after some points.

5. Safety

Because of the easy to drive in the automatic cars, it will be more passive to the drivers and it will cause the drivers to feel so sleepy. This will make the drivers to lose focus compared to the manual cars.

But, the automatic cars will be felt more good in the hills. If you are less experienced driver. You will feel that navigating to climb the hills will be more difficult in the manual cars.

In the latest automatic cars, the automatic transmission allows you to operate efficiently eventhough in the climbing activity on the hills. Besides, the automatic cars will be easier to drive in the crowded traffic.

6. Braking System

The automatic car is very depends on the braking system to reduce the speed so the brake pads will be easier to wear out. This is different with the manual one, because they can reduce the speed using the gear and the machine to help decrease the speed.

Which One is Better?

If driving can be stressful for you because you are still new in the driving or if you very often stuck in the traffic jam, so the car with automatic transmission is best for you.

On the other hand, if you think that the manual one has less cost of buying, the the manual transmission suit you best.

You have to make sure that the spare part of the car still good and can be replaced easily, evenmore if you buy a seconhand car.