4 Differences between Smart TV and LED TV

Along with the times, now all technology has become sophisticated, as is the case with TV. Many types of TVs with various advanced features have been created such as smart TVs, LED TVs, UHD TVs, and 4K TVs.

Although the function is the same, which is to broadcast images and sound received from electromagnetic waves from the antenna. However, there are certain differences that these types of TVs have.

Of course, while watching television broadcasts, you will feel the difference quality of the resulting image. A TV with 4K quality will definitely be much clearer and more vivid than a regular LED TV.

Well, for those of you who are still confused about choosing a Smart TV or LED TV, you can see the differences between the two TVs below:


Before discussing the differences between Smart TV and LED TV further, you should first need to know what Smart TV and LED TV are.

Smart TV is a TV that has smart features like a smartphone. This Smart TV is capable of doing what smartphones do, such as watching movies, opening a browser, playing social media, and more. Smart TV is very multi-functional so many are also interested in this modern TV.

Meanwhile, Light Emitting Diode TV (LED TV) is a TV that uses diode components. The function of diode is to emit light when there is an electric current.

This LED TV uses electricity much more efficiently than other types of TV, such as Plasma TVs or LCD TVs.

This type of LED TV is very commonly found in people’s homes because the price offered is still quite affordable and produces clear pictures and sound.

How it Works

The first difference lies in how these two types of TV work. Smart TVs must use an internet connection to be able to connect and be able to display the desired picture and sound.

While the LED TV does not need it. LED TV only requires an Antenna as a receiver and transmitter of electromagnetic waves which will be forwarded through the cable into the LED TV.

In addition, Smart TV has a processor like a computer so that the workings of a Smart TV are similar to how a computer or smartphone works. With the processor, you can open various computer applications. But unfortunately to open these applications you must use an internet connection.

As for the LED TV it does not have a processor. LED TV is only made to broadcast electromagnetic waves emitted by the antenna.

LED TV can’t open various applications because there is no processor like Smart TV, but LED TV doesn’t need an internet network. So, LED TV can be used anywhere even if there is no internet network.


As discussed earlier, that Smart TV has a processor as the main component in it. In addition, Smart TVs have internal storage, RAM, and various supporting ports such as USB ports, LAN, HDMI, and various ports that TVs have in genera

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features are also in the Smart TV. Smart TVs also generally use LED panels, so the resulting picture quality is also quite good.

The presence of a microphone on the Smart TV also allows you to adjust the Smart TV through sound. You only need to call a command on the Smart TV, then the Smart TV will automatically work according to the command you give.

While LED TVs only have features like most other TVs, which are Full HD screens, HDMI ports, Antenna ports, DVD ports, and others. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are not available. LED TV puts forward the quality of the resulting picture and sound.

Even though it doesn’t have as many features as Smart TVs, LED TVs are still the best TV choice for most TV viewers.


The next difference between these two types of TV is the price, which is certainly different. Smart TVs with all the features offered certainly have a more expensive price than LED TVs. Meanwhile, LED TVs are much cheaper because they are only used to display picture and sound like other regular TVs.

If you want to buy a Smart TV with all the advantages it has, of course you have to be prepared to dig deep into your pocket because of the price.

Keep in mind that a Smart TV must be connected to an internet connection, so you also have to prepare other things when you want to buy a Smart TV in this case is internet access.

Because LEDs do not require all of that, so the price offered is cheaper. LED TV is also not a bad choice if you want to buy it. Besides you will save a few dollars, you can still watch television broadcasts with clear quality.

Those are the differences between Smart TV and LED TV. Make sure you choose the right TV according to your needs. If your budget is enough to buy a Smart TV, buy that type of TV to have an extraordinary viewing experience.