4 Differences between Diesel and Gasoline Generators

When the power is out for a long time, people want generator sets, more commonly called generators.

Gensets are easy to find on the market, and there are many different kinds and sizes to choose from.

In general, generators are divided into two types, namely diesel generators and gasoline generators. Even though they both do the same thing, the two generators are different in some ways.

Check out the explanation below to learn more about the differences between diesel and gasoline generators.

1. Procedure

Diesel Generator

As the name implies, a diesel generator is a generator that uses a diesel engine and uses diesel as its fuel. This generator works by turning diesel fuel into mechanical energy, then used to start a fire.

The diesel generator’s engine burns diesel fuel with the help of compressed air. Please keep in mind that air and fuel do not mix outside the cylinder in diesel engines.

Because most diesel generators have anywhere from two to sixteen cylinders, depending on the type and brand.

Gasoline Generator

Gasoline is used to power gasoline generators. High-voltage electricity is used to start a fire, which is how the gasoline generator works.

Also, the electricity will make sparks in the gap between the spark plugs, which can be used to burn gas or gasoline and start the generator engine.

The most a gasoline generator can do is about 10,000 watts, which is less than what a diesel generator can do, about 10 Kw.

2. Price

The price of a diesel generator is higher than the price of a gasoline generator. The amount of electricity made is much larger, between 5,000 and 2,000,000 watts.

Most of the time, the price of a gasoline generator depends on how many watts or how much electricity it can make. The specs of a gasoline generator can also change how much it costs.

If the generator has electric start capabilities, it will turn on automatically when the power goes out, and the price will be higher.

Gasoline generators will be cheaper if they don’t have too much power and don’t have electric start options.

3. Produced Sound

Diesel generators have a high compression mechanism and enough torque. So it makes sense that the diesel generator is very loud.

A generator that runs on gasoline makes a smoother sound than one on diesel. This is because its compression mechanism isn’t very strong when burning.

Even though the gasoline generator engine isn’t too loud, it turns out that it has a very high horsepower performance.

4. Durability

The diesel generator set lasts longer than a gasoline generator because the engine inside the diesel generator doesn’t heat up as quickly.

Even the cost of maintenance for a diesel generator set to make one kilowatt of electricity is between 30 and 50 percent less than for a gasoline generator.

Compared to diesel generators, gasoline generators don’t last as long. This is because the engine heats up faster, and the spark plug is needed to get the gas to burn.

It’s no wonder it costs a lot to keep a gasoline generator in good shape. Even gasoline generators are also more fuel-intensive than diesel generators.