The Differences of Hand Pallet and Hand Stacker

In this sophisticated era, of course, you are familiar with various kinds of industrial equipment. One of them is a material handling tool for moving heavy items and has a capacity that does not allow human labor to do so.

We usually find tools like this in factories, warehouses, shops, and other places. However, often someone mispronounces the name of the tool, even rarely can it distinguish it from other tools.

For example, Hand Pallet and Hand Stacker. Because in terms of their same function, which is to move goods, some people are often confused about the mention of these two tools.

However, rarely do you know that there are actually fundamental differences between these two tools. Of course, it must be with some proper explanation so that these two tools can be used in different situations and conditions as well.

Before discussing the differences between these two tools further, it would be better if you know an explanation of each of these tools first.

Hand Pallet

hand pallet

A hand pallet is a means of transporting goods that are usually used to move goods from one place to another. This tool is made of a sturdy iron plate to lift goods with a capacity of up to 5 tons. Hand Pallet has a fork to place the load and works with a hydraulic system to lift the load.

The hydraulic or pumping work system carried out by hand pallet uses 2 methods, namely manual and electric methods. In the manual method, the operation is carried out by human hands or pumped manually. Meanwhile, electrically, the pumping is carried out by electric power or batteries.

However, in terms of shape, the hand pallet has 5 types with various variations. Even though each variation has the same function, they still have their respective advantages. Here are some types of hand pallet that we often encounter, including:

  • Manual Hand Pallet

This manual hand pallet uses a hydraulic work system or manual pumping by human hands, both when lifting and when moving goods. The load capacity carried by manual hand pallets is up to 5 tons and a height of more than 20 cm.

  • Electric Hand Pallet

The hand pallet is electrically driven by battery power. This tool can lift loads with a capacity of up to 2 tons and high. The operation of this tool is simply to press a button that is already available to lift and move goods.

  • Scale Hand Pallet

This type of hand pallet is commonly referred to as Hand Pallet scales. The way this tool works is the same as a manual Hand Pallet, only it has another advantage, namely weighing the load that is lifted and displaying it on a digital screen.

The way to operate it is simply by pressing the available button to find out how many weights the load is. The capacity of the goods being lifted reaches 2 tons.

  • Scissor Hand Pallet

This type is almost the same as the manual type. It’s just that it is distinguished by the shape of the fork that resembles X and the height of the load that can be lifted up to 80 cm. The load capacity raised is from 500 kg to 1.5 tons.

  • Roll Hand Pallet

Roll hand pallet is a type of conveyance that is almost the same as the manual type. It’s just that this hand pallet is specially designed to lift goods in roll form. For example, a roll of paper, tissue, or cloth.

The way it works is the same as a manual hand pallet, but the fork is formed into a triangle so that the rolls that are carried are not easily shifted. The load capacity being lifted reaches 3 tons.

Currently on the market roll hand pallet is available in manual and electric types. The way it works is the same as an ordinary hand pallet, only distinguished by its function.

Hand Stacker

hand stacker

Hand stacker has the same work system as hand pallet, which is hydraulic. This tool also has the same function, namely to lift and move goods. The hand stacker also has a fork on the front that can be adjusted as wide as needed.

The load capacity that is lifted by the hand stacker reaches 2 tons and a height of 5 meters. This tool is used to move and organize goods in warehouses, factories, or shops that have vertical storage tools.

There are 3 types of hand stacker as follows:

  • Manual Hand Stacker: Manual pumped for loading and lowering and moving goods back and forth with human hands.
    Semi Electric Hand Stacker: A combination of manual and electric.
    Electric Hand Pallet: The operation process is carried out fully electrically by battery power.


From the above understanding, it can be concluded that hand pallets and hand stacker are tools that have the same function but are different. Seeing the maximum height of the item lifted from each tool shows a fundamental difference.

  • In the hand pallet, the maximum height of the goods lifted is only 80 cm, while in the hand stacker, it reaches 5 meters. Judging from the shape of the fork or fork of each tool, it also shows that the height of the items that can be lifted is different.
    Hand pallet is more used to lift loads horizontally or horizontally. Meanwhile, the hand stacker lifts the load vertically up and down. That is why hand stacker is often used in factories or warehouses that have verticle storage.

It is therefore important to understand the differences between industrial tools in order to know their proper function. Make sure that a certain tool can be used as needed.