Difference between Food Processor and Chopper

Food processors and choppers are helpful kitchen tools that make cooking easier and faster. Even now, these two kitchen appliances are still popular with moms because they can make food.

Still, many think a food processor and a chopper are the same. This is because both tools look similar and do the same thing: chop food ingredients.

Even though a food processor and a chopper aren’t the same things. And if you want to know what makes a food processor different from a chopper, check out the explanation below!

Food Processor

Difference between Food Processor and Chopper

One could say that a food processor is a multipurpose home appliance because it does such an excellent job of chopping up food. This kitchen tool can cut and grind foods that are hard and dry.

At first glance, a food processor looks a lot like a blender. The only difference is that the food processor’s container is more extensive and shorter. Also, unlike a blender, a food processor does not need water to process food. So it makes sense that the food processor can cut, slice, chop, grind, mix, and process dough.

The food processor can handle about 7 to 12 cups of ingredients at once. His skill is also helped by the fact that he has a lot of blades. Some food processors have six blades, making it faster to process food ingredients.

Judging by its size, the food processor is more significant than a chopper and takes up more storage space. A food processor is much more expensive than a chopper, even in price.

This is like how it can process many different food ingredients. So, a food processor is an excellent choice for someone who likes to cook a lot of cooks for a lot of people.



A chopper, also called a food chopper, is a cooking tool that can cut, grind, and process food in one container. Like a food processor, a chopper can chop dry ingredients (like peanuts or spices), vegetables, and even meat.

There are two kinds of choppers on the market: those that run on electricity and those that have to be moved by hand. For some manual choppers, the blade is usually moved by pressing down on the chopper cover.

But there is also a chopper that you turn by hand by turning the handle on the top of the chopper. Most of the time, the handle knob is connected to the blade in a chopper, and you must pull on it several times to get the blade to turn. The blade turns faster the faster you pull on the handle that turns it.

Like a food processor, the chopper doesn’t need water to chop up food. The only difference is that a chopper can only hold about 1–4 cups of food, which is less than a food processor.

From what I can see, the chopper size is smaller than that of a food processor, so it doesn’t take up much space when I need to store it. The price of a chopper is much lower than that of a food processor. This is because a chopper is not only smaller than a food processor, but it also can’t chop food as well.

Because of this, the chopper is great for small households or people used to cooking in small amounts.

These are some things you should know about the differences between a food processor and a chopper. Make sure both of these cooking tools can meet your needs before you buy them. And make sure that the quality of the product you purchase is guaranteed and that it comes with a genuine warranty.