3 Difference Between Chiller and Freezer

Entrepreneurs or people in the food business must always use fresh ingredients, now known as the F&B (Food and Beverage) field.

A cooling device is one of the most important machines to keep food fresh or to last longer.

The two cooling machines in question are a chiller and a freezer. They may seem similar or the same, but they are two different machines.

Both chillers and freezers are used to cool food, but they are not the same in other ways.

Before entering the food and drink business, learn the difference between chillers and freezers. This way, you won’t have to worry about how to use them when you need them.

1. Shape

When it comes to shaping, chillers and freezers are very different from each other.

perbedaan chiller dan freezer

One kind of chiller is a machine that cools drinks and is used in stores and other public places.

When you go shopping and want to buy cold drinks, a chiller is a machine that keeps these drinks cool and keeps them in order.

Because the front of chillers and other refrigerators is clear glass, the products sold or stored in them can be seen.

perbedaan chiller dan freezer

On the other hand, a freezer is usually shaped like a square or rectangular closed box.

2. Function

Even though freezers and chillers look the same, they do different things.

Chillers are often used to store cold drinks, but they can also store fruits and vegetables.

You can put more than just fruits and vegetables in a chiller if you want to keep them fresh.

The freezer’s main job is to cool food, but it also has another job: freeze food.

Some foods keep their best quality when they are kept in a very hot room.

So, a freezer is a right machine, especially for frozen food like nuggets, meatballs, sausages, fries, and other things.

Even after being kept in the freezer, the taste of these foods doesn’t change when they are fried, baked, or cooked again.

3. Temperature

Chillers and freezers are also different when it comes to temperature.

By looking at the name, you can tell that the freezer, both a cooler and a freezer, has a very low temperature.

The best temperature for a freezer is between -23 and -18 degrees Celsius.

So, food ingredients can be stored in and frozen in the freezer.

Food that has been frozen should be kept in a freezer. If it is kept in a chiller instead, the food might not stay fresh.

On the other hand, a chiller is just an ordinary machine that cools things down. The ideal temperature for a chiller is between -4°C and 6°C or 10°C, which is not too cold to freeze food ingredients.

Even though chillers and freezers are different in several ways, they serve different purposes, so food entrepreneurs will likely need both.

Even though the shape, function, and temperature of each machine are different, users can set the temperature they want based on the ideal temperature for that machine.