Difference Between Barometer and Manometer

Although the function looks almost the same, but the barometer and manometer have differences. The following explains the difference between the two.

Function Difference


Barometer is a tool that serves to measure air pressure which is generally used in weather forecasting. With this tool, you can measure air pressure and can also measure indoor air pressure.

If the air pressure is high, it will indicate good weather and vice versa if the air pressure is low it will indicate bad weather.


Manometer is a tool that serves to measure the air pressure in the room using a tube filled with liquid. The level of the liquid will be determined by the pressure of the fluid and also by the height of the liquid as indicated on the scale.

Manometer is a tool used to measure air pressure in a closed room and measure the pressure difference between two opposite points.

Manometers generally measure the pressure of gases that are near or below atmospheric pressure because atmospheric pressure is used as a benchmark for comparison. These devices are usually filled with a solid liquid, such as mercury or oil.

Type Difference

Barometer Type

The following are some types of barometers:

1. Mercury Barometer

The mercury barometer is a barometer that has a glass tube design with a height of about 84 cm with a closed end. While the other end is open and dipped in a container in which there is mercury. The mercury barometer is commonly used to measure atmospheric air pressure.

To improve its accuracy, there are two additional tools on the mercury barometer, namely the Vernier scale and thermometer. The Vernier scale and thermometer function to help increase the accuracy of the barometer reading compared to without using the two tools.

2. Water Barometer

A water barometer or also called a Goethe thermometer is a barometer consisting of a glass container that is half-filled with water and a small branch (spout), both of which are connected to each other.

The working principle of the water barometer is that when the atmospheric pressure is low, the water level in the spout will rise above the water level of the glass container, and vice versa.

3. Aneroid Barometer

An aneroid barometer is a barometer that uses an electric charge for its measurement. Consists of discs in the form of thin metal. On the metal there are two small metal strips on either side of the outside.

Manometer Type

There are several types of manometers, namely:

1. Open Mercury Manometer

An open mercury manometer is a U-shaped glass tube with one end open. One end is connected to a place that has a different pressure.

2. Closed Mercury Manometer

Similar to an open mercury manometer, a closed mercury manometer is a manometer with one end closed to form a vacuum. By connecting the other end to a closed space filled with gas, the pressure of the gas inside the closed space can be determined.

3. Metal Manometer

A metal manometer is a manometer that is usually used to measure very high gas pressures, such as in a steam tank, gas in a cylinder, or gas pressure in a tire.