Components of a 2-Door Refrigerator and Its Functions

Components and Functions on a 2-Door Refrigerator

Refrigerator is an electronic device to chill food and beverages. Several types of refrigerator in the market sold nowadays. You can find such as a 1-door and 2-door type of refrigerator which you may desire.

Several components in a refrigerator, moreover in a 2-door type which you shall discuss in this article, as described in the picture below.

parts of refrigerator

Top Compartment Area (Freezer)

1. Control Knob F

Control knob F is one part in a freezer functioning to control the freezer’s temperature. Designed circular with numbers of temperature from minimum to maximum to be set.

2. Fan Switch

Fan switch is a part of the fan in the center or side of the freezer. It has a function to control the fan speed. Designed in sliding form, circular or even a button.

3. Gasket (Upper)

Gasket upper is a rubber list of the top compartment door. Functioning to keep the cold weather tightly in the upper compartment of a refrigerator and keep away the hot temperature from flowing inside at the same time.

4. Upper Door Linear and Door Liner Band

Upper door linear is a separator whose works as a connector of the top compartment in the refrigerator. While the door liner band F is a separator placed inside the upper door linear.

5. Table

Table is a board shelf on the top of the refrigerator. Can be used as a media to place things on top of the refrigerator.

6. F Grille

F grille consist of holes temperature system inside the freezer. It blows the cold air as been set by the control knob F.

7. Ice Tray

Ice tray as a holder place where you want to be ice cubes, placed hanging inside the freezer. Just filled in the water in to the tray, keep inside the freezer for a while, then the water shall frozen in time, ready for you to picked the ice cubes.

8. Ice Making Corner

Ice making corner placed where to put the ice tray, so the tray can be twisted over. This compartment usually placed hanging inside the freezer.

9. Freezer Shelf

Freezer shelf is inside the freezer. Has the function to store food and beverages needed to be cooling or frozen.

10. Ice Cube Tray

Ice cube tray consists of rectangular holes for the water to be frozen and transformed as ice. Usually embedded in a refrigerator with freezer type.

Bottom Compartment (Chiller and Refrigerator)

1. Food Compartment Light

Food compartment light inside the refrigerator to give light, helps to see easier to picked or store your food and beverages. The shape is small and has a low voltage usage.

2. Door Switch

Door switch as a button to turn the food compartment light. Placed on inside area near the refrigerator door.

The button works each time the refrigerator’s door open and close. When closed, automatically this button being pressed by the door, which lead to the electricity current flow into the bulb disconnected.

On the contrary, when you opened the refrigerator’s door, will release the pressure on to this button and in result the electricity current get connected again and the bulb shall be on.

3. Door Liner Band and Door Liner

Door liner band works as the refrigerator’s door separator. And as for the door liner functioned as the separator’s connecting the mid shelf, beet rack, and door liner band.

4. Mid Shelf, Glass Shelf and Shelf B

Shelf is where you can store food and beverages inside the refrigerator. The differentiation from the three of them is based on the placing and sizes. Also for the glass shelf obviously made of a certain kind of glass.

  • Mid shelf is relatively small and placed on the door side.
  • Glass shelf commonly placed on top of the crisper.
  • Shelf B commonly placed on top section of the lower part of the refrigerator’s door.

5. Beer Rack

As derived from the name, a beer rack holds for beer or drinks in a bottle kind of shape. A beer rack placed the bottom section of the refrigerator’s door. Usually for a 2-door refrigerator has two beer racks. So you can managed to have your bottle drinks quite plenty.

6. Gasket

Similar as in the top compartment’s door, gasket also placed in the bottom compartment door. With the same function, to keep the cold temperature inside the refrigerator and keep away the hot air coming in from outside.

7. Hinge Lower

Hinge lower is a hinge on the bottom part of the refrigerator door. It helps to add more height and extra width depends on the refrigerator’s type.

8. Drain Pan

Drain pan hold the condensation excess flowing from the defrosting channel in the freezer to the outer area where soon to be evaporated in to the air. Usually placed underneath the refrigerator.

9. Crisper

Crisper specially designed to store foods such as vegetables and fruits. It can store the foods better by keeping the humidity and water level as well as the foods’ texture.

10. Adjustable Foot

Adjustable foot is the foot holding the refrigerator. You can adjust the height as desired.

11. Meat Tray

Meat tray, of course is a tray usually to store the meat. It is placed in the center part and can keep the meat fresh.

12. Meat Tray Lid

Meat tray lid works to cover the meat tray. Keeping the inner temperature of the meat tray.

13. Control Knob S

Control knob s is one part of the refrigerator to control the the temperature in the bottom compartment. You can adjust the temperature as needed.

Those are the components commonly find in a refrigerator. Some others may have more depends on the refrigerator’s type.