8 Common Problems with Photocopy Machine

A photocopy machine is a machine that functions to copy a document on quite a lot of paper. This machine is easy to find because it is very useful in the world of printing for office, school, and other purposes. You must be familiar with the copier and you know how to use a photocopy machine, right?

However, every machine must have its own problems, no matter how sophisticated or modern, the machine will not be able to avoid a problem such as problems with photocopiers that are commonly found in the surrounding environment, especially if you own and use this copier.

This is certainly a big problem when you want to copy an important document but are hampered by a problem with the photocopier.

Therefore, you need to know how to solve the problems that often occur on the copier. If the problem is mild enough you may be able to fix it yourself, but if the problem is complicated, you should call a photocopier technician for repairs.

You can identify some of the problems that occur with the copier so that later if you feel you can fix it yourself, you don’t need to call a technician.

It can also help you solve problems faster and save costs on photocopy machine repairs. Here are the problems that often occur in photocopiers.

1. Jammed Paper

The first problem that often occurs with photocopiers is paper jams. We usually encounter this problem when using a photocopier during the photocopying process.

This is caused by putting the paper in the machine that is not neat, too loose, the sponge is worn, and so on so that during the photocopying process, the paper gets stuck.

To solve this, you need to open the inside of the copier and remove the jammed paper. You can look at it on the LCD screen to see where the paper is stuck.

2. Clear Error

There are errors that usually occur on photocopiers, whether it’s wrong use, wrong settings, or others. You can solve this problem by doing a clear error, but this clear error is only found in some photocopiers and it doesn’t necessarily solve this problem directly.

You need to try this method, who knows this way the problem with your photocopier can be fixed. Here’s how to clear errors:

  • Press the *28* button on the panel, while pressing the number keys 2 and 8 it must be pressed simultaneously.
  • Then press Copier – Function – Clear – Err and OK
  • After that, turn off the copier and turn it back on

3. Troubled Cartridge or Toner

The third problem that often occurs with photocopiers is a problem with the cartridge, whether it’s low, unusable or damaged. For cartridge problems that are low or out of stock, you can refill it yourself.

However, if the cartridge is damaged or cannot be used, you need to call a photocopier technician who is more experienced in this matter.

4. Trouble with Upper and Lower Coronas

The upper and lower coronas on the copier can hinder the copier when the machine is working. In addition, the quality of the photocopy will have an effect, therefore to maintain the quality of the photocopy you need to clean this section, especially if the copying volume is full.

5. Machine is Electrocuted

Electrocution of photocopiers can also occur. Although the shock contained in the machine is not too big, but it is very annoying when you are going to do a photocopy. To overcome this, you can use footwear and also do grounding.

6. Dark or Light Colored Prints

Prints that are dark or light in color will certainly make the document not very clear. This is usually caused by incorrect or accidentally changed settings. To overcome this, you can do the density settings. Another thing that can be the cause is a toner that is poor quality.

7. Wrinkles in the Printout

When you use a photocopier, you may have encountered this problem, which is the presence of wrinkles on the printed paper. This problem is usually caused by poor roll conditions as well as a result of the fuser assembly.

To fix this, you can turn the stack of paper from the top to the bottom or you can also replace the paper with a new one.

8. Striped Printout

The last problem that usually occurs is the presence of lines in the printout. This can happen because there are scratches on the scanner glass and then there is dust or dirt inside the glass.

It is quite easy to fix; you only need to clean the glass with a cleaning cloth or microfiber.

Those are some of the problems that often occur in photocopiers. While there are some issues that you can fix on your own, there are also some issues that require calling a technician to fix them. If you can’t solve the problem with the copier, calling a technician is the right choice.