7 Ways to Choose a Good and Durable Blender

Blender is one of kitchen utensils with many functions, can be use to mashed ingredients, making juice from fruits and vegetables, crushing ice cubes for beverages, and many others. So no wonder that blender has becoming one favorable utensils in cooking nowadays.

Many manufacturers have produced blenders in many types with high quality as well. Considering its regularly used, therefore, it is crucial for consumer to choose the perfect blender and durable for their daily cooking activities.

Currently, you can choose many types of blender in the market. Each has its own beneficiaries. For some types with many functions and high quality spare parts have made the blender price is quite expensive.

But bare in mind not all low cost blender do have a low quality too. You just need to choose wisely which blender with a high quality. In this article we shall describe to you the 7 ways how to choose a good blender and also durable:

1. Trusted Brand

The first thing to take in consideration before buying an electronic utensils is the brand. A well established manufacturer with years of experiences in producing utensils do also offer a high quality of its products. And their quality has also been proven over time.

You can also choose blender from a well-known manufacturers in the market. Some leading manufacturer such as Phillips, Panasonic, and Cosmos do have some blender product line you can choose.

As consideration for a certain type or brand before buying, you may see the ratings from the buyers reviews via online shop or in the internet. The higher the rating and satisfactorily level from the consumer as proof for the quality.

However, brand is not the only factor of choosing a certain blender. There are some other factors to be considered as we continue in this article.

2. Volume Capacity

Blender comes in different capacity options. Commonly in the market, capacity starts from one litre until four litre.

Choose according to your necessity. Blender in one litre is enough for one person usage. The compact size is also beneficiary in space saving for your kitchen. As well with the low voltage required for this type of blender.

But if in a family size and used in many purposes, perhaps a larger capacity blender is more suitable. Just to be remembered, as the blender has a bigger capacity do align with the higher voltage consumption. Meaning this blender shall consumed quite large of electricity power.

3. Blender Container Materials

Another consideration before buying a blender is the container materials. There two types commonly sold for a blender container’s materials in the market: glass and plastic. Both materials do have advantages and disadvantages as follows:

Blender with glass container material’s advantages:

  • Looks luxurious and see through.
  • Scratch durable which caused from food’s frictions.

Blender with glass container material’s disadvantages:

  • Heavy.
  • Easily broken and fractured.

Blender with plastic container material’s advantages:

  • Lightweight.
  • Shockproof, not easily fractured or broken.

Blender with plastic container material’s disadvantages:

  • Easily scratch, marked from food’s friction.
  • Looks cheap.

4. Design

Choose blender’s design that fits in with your kitchen, based on the space available.

If you have a narrowed space kitchen with not much storage area to keep the blender in, you may choose the blender with a small compact size.

5. Stainless steel blade

Blender’s blade is an important blender’s part¬†that works to mashed the materials. Choose blender with a non corrosive blade and not easily get dull. This type of blade will ensure the quality of the materials mashed with the blender.

6. Blender’s Capacity

Before choosing a certain kind blender, you need to configure the usage, different hardness materials to crushed using the blender requires different kind of blades. By this, not just you may be avoided from buying the wrong blender but also to ensure durability of the blade itself.

It is also necessary to have your blender in a multi-speed mode. Commonly blender have two until eight speed mode. The higher the speed the better it crushed and mashed materials. Of course it will also be more expensive.

7. Price

Blender with multi-speed, as in more the three speed mode, premium glass container material, and many other multi-functions offered may cost quite expensive. Despite all luxurious can be offered from a blender you should considered the one that match with your budget.

Currently, many manufacturers able to produce blender with good quality but also affordable. This can be a good choice.

You can analyze from the points mentioned in above and compared the specifications based on your needs. Choose wisely in order to have your blender durable and long lasting. Not to forget, blender’s maintenance¬†properly, to prolong its life time usage.