7 Characteristics of a Troubled Car Alternator

An alternator, also called an ampere dynamo, is a part of a car that acts as a source of electricity that flows to other features of the car, such as the lights, air conditioner, windshield wipers, and car stereo.

The alternator also charges the car battery so that the voltage stays stable and the battery doesn’t die or get damaged.

Remember that a car battery can only last 30 minutes without an alternator. When the car engine runs, the alternator can do its job well.

This is because the parts of a motorized vehicle get their electricity from the conversion of kinetic energy to electric power.

The car’s alternator can have problems over time and as the car is used more and more.

A car’s alternator can stop working for reasons other than getting old. These include adding an electrical load to the car, like a stereo, replacing a bulb that isn’t up to par, or putting in fog lights.

The alternator problem can also be caused by other things, like getting wet when cleaning the engine room or driving through a deep puddle.

So, as a car owner, it doesn’t hurt to know the most common signs of a lousy car alternator.

1. Indicator Light On

Ciri pertama dari alternator mobil yang mengalami masalah dapat diketahui dari lampu indikator yang menyala. Nyalanya lampu indikator ini dapat dilihat dari bagian dashboard yang merujuk pada kondisi alternator.

Jika sudah begitu, ada baiknya segera bawa mobil ke bengkel terpercaya untuk mengurangi resiko kerusakan yang lebih parah.

2. Battery is Not Working

As was already said, the alternator has a part that makes electricity and is directly connected to the battery. If the alternator isn’t working right, it will, of course, affect the battery.

But the problem is often misunderstood as damage to the battery, so the car owner replaces the battery instead of the broken alternator.

For this reason, there’s nothing wrong with car owners checking for other signs that can show if the alternator isn’t working.

3. Dim Spotlight

When driving at night, drivers need lights in the form of vehicle spotlights so they can see the road well. But sometimes, the light from the spotlight seems dim, so there is less light.

If the floodlights are dim, it could indicate a problem with the alternator even though the car’s lights are on when the engine is running. If the car’s owner has this problem, the car’s alternator must be checked immediately.

The lights are dim because there is an electrical problem in the car and insufficient electricity is getting to the lights. Because of this, the floodlights get dim, and if nothing is done to fix it, the car can break down.

4. Squeaky Sound

If there is a problem with the car’s alternator, the engine may make a squeaking sound. When the engine starts, a broken alternator usually makes a loud and rough sound.

If the engine is making a squeaking sound, it could be because the alternator pulley is getting worn down from age and use.

Because of this, a squeaking or rough sound could mean that the car’s alternator is broken, so it’s best to replace it as soon as possible if you hear it.

5. Smell of Burning

The smell of burning is another sign that something is wrong with the car’s alternator, especially when the engine is running.

This burning smell can happen when the car’s engine works too hard, and the alternator can’t keep up.

6. Car AC Doesn’t Cold

The alternator is a part of a car that sends electricity to different parts of the car, including the air conditioner.

If the alternator is broken or not working right, it can affect how well the air conditioner works. This can make the car not feel cold even though the air conditioner has been on for a long time.

7. Difficult to Start the Machine

Normal conditions make it easy to start a car’s engine, but if the car owner is having trouble, he needs to pay attention immediately. If you have trouble starting the car’s engine, it could be because the alternator is broken.

If your car’s alternator isn’t working right, the battery won’t be able to get charged all the way. When the car’s engine is turned on, all of the electricity comes from the battery because the alternator can’t distribute electricity properly.

If you don’t check on the battery, it will get weak quickly and won’t be able to start the car engine.

These were some signs that the car’s alternator was broken. If the car has any above problems, you should immediately fix or replace the alternator.

The price to fix the alternator is still not too high, even though it can be costly to buy a new alternator, depending on the type and model of alternator used.

The most important thing is to ensure that the alternator is fixed or replaced at a certified shop.