7 Causes of Wobbling Rear Gear and How to Fix It

Gear is one of the main component of a bicycle. Generally, there are two or more gears on a bicycle. Basically, almost all gears have a minimum level of 21 speed and a maximum of 27 speed. The number are results from the number of front gear multiplied by the back gear.

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The purpose of the gear is to transfer power into motion energy, so that the bicycle can move when pedaled. The pedaling power of this bicycle generates a thrust on the bicycle wheel so that the bicycle can go forward. This mean that the function of the gear in general is for efficiency and speed.

Energy, speed, force, power and thrust are the main role in gear. Gear can also have problems such as wobbling. As for these are some of the causes of a wobbling bicycle rear gear, including:

1. Length of Cassette Hub Is More than Its Width

Cassette is a collection of several gears on the rear wheels, the main purpose of this cassette is to determine the strength or speed of the bicycle itself. Therefore, many bicycle users who change cassette to increase the speed of their bikes.

There is bad impact of changing the cassette that is not suitable, such as causing the rear gear to wobble. For example, if the length of the hub cassette longer than the width, then repairs must be made immediately so that the strength and speed of the bike return to normal.

2. Sprocket Hole Too Deep

The second reason of wobbling rear is the depth of the sprocket hole which results in the remaining space when the sprocket is locked. The sprocket is a collection of gears on the rear wheels. If there is still space left, it can cause the gear to wobble. This problem must be resolved immediately so that the bicycle gear does not shake.

3. Difference in Size of Chainring

The chainring is the front cleat that is attached to the bicycle pedal. The difference in size of the chairing can also cause the rear gear to wobble. So you must immediately match the chainring sizes so that the gear does not shake.

4. Cross-Chain Bike

A crossed bicycle chain is a condition that, when viewed from above, the chain is tilted. This happens because the combination of the chainring and sprocket are both too small or too large. This is what causes the rear gear to wobble. Meanwhile, the function of the bicycle chain is to continue the rotation from the transmission to the rear wheels through the gear so that the bicycle moves.

5. Crooked Wheels

The fifth reason your rear gear is wobbling is bended bicycle wheels. There are two bicycle wheels, one in front and one behind. The wheel itself has a function to speed up the bicycle when pedaled.

In other conditions, the bicycle wheel may have crooked, causing the bicycle gear to wobble. To make the gear stop wobbling, it is necessary to immediately repair the bent wheel.

6. Loose Wheel Nuts

The next reason of a wobbling rear bicycle gear is the installation of a loose bicycle nuts. This needs to be confirmed by checking the condition of the nut.

Nut works like an adhesive on bicycles and other objects. The nut has a small size. If the wheel nut of the bicycle is loose, then it can be tightened. Nut grinding can be done with wrench or other repair tools.

7. Wheels Not Round

Earlier we discuss about a bent bicycle wheel. Another reason your rear gear might be wobbling is that the bicycle wheels are not round in shape. This problem can come because the wheels are used for too long and never been replaced. It is necessary to replace the bicycle wheels into a new one.

How to Fix A Wobbling Bike Gear

You also need to know how to fix the wobbling rear gear, so that this problem can be resolved immediately. You can do it yourself because there are usually lots of tutorials to deal this with.

The first thing you should do is knowing the cause. If you know the cause of the wobbling gear, you can find out how to fix it.

Here’s how to fix a wobbling bicycle gear in general, including:

  • In general, if the wobbling gear comes from the wheel chain, repair can be made by bending the chain wheel back into the place using two vise keys. This method generally works and the rear gear of the bike will not wobble again.
  • If the gear is wobbling because forth then the right way to solve it is to remove the bolt from the chain partially. Grab a piece of wood then hit the chain back to its original position. After it feels right, then put the bolts back on.
  • If gear wobbles due to wheels, then the right way to fix it is to replace the old wheels with new wheels. This is the most effective way to deal with a wobbling gear.

Well, that’s an explanation of how to repair a damaged bicycle rear gear. You can practice this method directly if you find the same problem with your bicycle.

Maybe each type of bicycle has a different way to fix it. So if you’ve tried and it can’t be fixed, then it’s best to ask the experts for help so that it can be fixed.