6 Causes of Vibrating Car and How to Fix that

As drivers who are already accustomed to driving a car, of course there will be times when we experience problems or problems while on a trip.

This situation certainly will not arise if there is no cause, both internally and externally, which of course often causes feelings of discomfort.

Internal factors here are not only about engine problems, what we will discuss here are vibrations that arise in certain specific circumstances, both when the car is running or at a certain speed.

Actually, vibration conditions in cars are normal things, because there are several parts that are specifically designed to withstand vibrations. But if the situation feels worse than it should be, then the first thing you must know is the cause.

1. Problem on the Clutch

If the car vibrates at low speeds, there could be damage to the clutch lining. Usually there is a bend or unevenness in the flywheel or clutch cover which will collide with each other when starting to lift the clutch pedal.

But normally the vibration will only be felt when the clutch pedal is released, whereas if the car is at high speed, it tends not to be felt.

This situation can also occur when the clutch lining is very thin. To eliminate the vibration, you can repair and smooth the surface of the flywheel

2. Engine Mounting

This component is a machine holder made of rubber and can support the frame or body of a car. Its main function is to withstand and dampen engine vibrations that occur.

Because it is made of rubber, it is possible for things to happen such as damage, aging, or tearing due to the heat of the engine.

If this is the case, then the automatic part that functions to reduce vibrations cannot work optimally so that the vibrations that occur are felt in the cabin.

Damage to the engine mounting section usually occurs because a car has experienced a very great accident. The best solution is to visit a repair shop and replace this part with a new one.

3. The Tires

Tires are a vital part of a vehicle, including cars. It often happens that as car owners, we don’t realize the tires are bald and it’s time to replace them.

This will cause vibrations when we step on the brake pedal, because the bald tires will become slippery and difficult to control.

The next factor is the amount of air in a tire. When deflated, the tire will not be able to run in a straight line and without vibration. The position and size of the tires that are not in accordance with the standard in general are also the next factor that causes vibrations in the car.

Tires that are bald mean that they have passed their useful life. If it is so then you have to replace it with a new one. Make sure to choose good car tires when replacing them.

However, if the condition is still good and only the air level in it is lacking, you can visit the tire patch and ask for an air refill.

4. The Drive Shaft / Axle

The main function of the part formed by bearings and special iron rods is to transmit engine rotation to the wheels. The problem that usually occurs with this component is that there are times when the bearings will wear out or bend and the iron rods are already out of balance.

Then this problem will automatically trigger vibrations and sounds that will get worse as the speed of a car increases.

The axle has a strong structure so that it will only be damaged in the event of a major accident. If it is already damaged, then you must immediately visit the workshop and repair this part. To repair it, you also have to prepare a fairly large fund.

5. The Shockbreaker

Similar to some other partitions, basically the main function of this car spare part is as a barrier and vibration damper. It can be concluded that the problem with this component becomes the main potential when the car experiences vibration at high speeds.

If you still feel the vibration at low speeds, then you can be sure that the shock absorbers in your car are really badly damaged.

To fix this, you just need to replace the damaged shockbreaker with a new one. This is intended so that the performance of the car can be optimal again as before.

6. The Brakes

Usually vibration problems will arise if we apply the brakes at high speeds. The problem generally lies in the part of the disc or brake disc that is uneven or bumpy.

Because the braking system is very important in determining safety when driving, immediately check all the parts contained in the brakes, such as discs and canvases, to the nearest repair shop. Replace if necessary, for the safety of all.

Vibration that occurs in the car is actually a common thing that happens and is nothing to worry about. Every manufacturer that produces it must have thought carefully about this problem, as evidenced by the presence of a partition that can dampen vibrations.

However, if the vibration problem in this car is deemed unnatural, immediately check it at the nearest repair shop. Because the health of a vehicle is one of the important factors determining road safety.

Make sure you also know the car components that must be replaced regularly so they don’t cause serious damage.

It should also be remembered that every problem that occurs has its own solution. So, try not to self-diagnose, it’s better to check with someone who is an expert in that field.