Causes of Twin-Tube Washing Machine Dryer Not Spinning

In this type of washing machine, malfunctions can occur simultaneously or separately between the washing function and the drying function. This is because the part of two-tube washing machine have two driving motors (dynamos) attached to each tube.

In this discussion, we will discuss some of the causes of damage to the twin-tub top loading washing machine dryer. The damage is total damage where the dryer does not spin at all and semi damage where the dryer’s performance begins to decrease (slow rotation).

Total Damage

Total damage to the dryer is triggered by many things, including the following:

1. Dynamo Damage

The dynamo is a crucial part of the dryer. This part is the driving force for the dryer tube to rotate and dry the clothes by utilizing the centripetal force.

If there is damage to the dynamo, the dryer tube will not rotate automatically. Damage can be triggered by the presence of a short circuit in the dynamo.

2. Broken Brake Strap

In the dryer a braking mechanism is installed which allows the dynamo to stop rotating when the dryer tube cover is opened. This is a safety system for users to minimize accidents when operating the washer dryer.

The washing machine braking mechanism is the same as the braking mechanism on a bicycle which utilizes a canvas that is rubbed directly on the dynamo shaft as shown in the picture.

washing machine brake sryer
Washing Machine Dryer Brake

Brake straps made of steel will pull the brake pads when the tube cap is closed, so that the brake pads don’t rub against the armature shaft and release the brake pads when the tube cap is opened, so that the brake pads rub against the armature shaft and hold the armature rotating.

If the brake cord breaks, the brake pad will continue to rub against the dynamo shaft and hold the dynamo rotation, so that there is no rotation of the dryer tube.

3. Broken Timer Switch

The timer switch is part of the controller that regulates when the dynamo must rotate and stop. If there is damage to the timer switch, then there will be no work order to the dynamo. So, in other words the dynamo will not rotate and carry out the drying process.

4. Power Cord Short

This is indeed rare and becomes an obstacle to the failure of the dryer to work. However, that does not mean that it can be ignored as one of the causes of dryer failure.

If there is a short circuit in the power cord, there will be no electric current flowing in the dynamo automatically and the dynamo will not be able to rotate to carry out the drying process.

5. Damaged or Burnt Capacitor

In the washing machine there is a starting capacitor component as an auxiliary component for the initial rotation of the dynamo. The initial condition for the dynamo to rotate requires a large starting current.

If only utilizing the current from the source, it will not be enough to rotate the dynamo.

The function of the capacitor which is also as a voltage store is to provide additional current which is flowed into the auxiliary winding of the dynamo so that the amount of starting current is strong enough to rotate the dynamo.

6. Broken Cable Connection

In an electric circuit, of course, the circuit must be closed. Otherwise, no current will flow to the load.

The cable connection in the washer dryer circuit that connects the power source – the timer switch – the dynamo must be closed so that the dynamo can rotate. Check any existing cable connections to make sure the cable connections remain connected.

7. Dryer Tube Cover Not Tight

The dryer tube cover will usually be connected to the braking system on the washer dryer. Thus, if the cover is open, the dryer dynamo will not rotate due to being restrained by the brakes.

The lack of tightness of the cover results in the activation of the braking system which makes the dynamo stuck and does not rotate.

Semi Damage

In the semi-damage, the dryer is still functioning, it just spins not as usual or slower. There are 3 reasons for this case, including:

1. Overload Drying

This happens because the clothes that are put in the dryer tube are too dense and forced. Usually users choose the instant way to make the washing process shorter by doing the drying process only once which should be done twice.

As a result, the load received by the dynamo is many times over until it exceeds its capacity. If so, the dynamo will spin slowly or not at all.

2. Capacitor Power Attenuation

As with excessive rotational loads, reduced capacitor power will also cause the motor to spin slowly or not spin at all.

Capacitors that have a supporting function in the starting current will not help provide additional current for the initial rotation of the dynamo. So, there could be a rotation failure on the dynamo. The reduced power of the capacitor can be triggered by the age factor.

3. Weakening of the Dynamo

Every machine created will have a usage time limit. When the dynamo of a washing machine has reached its service life limit, what happens is a decrease in performance, one of them is marked by weakening of rotation.

This is purely due to the age factor, thus requiring the user to replace it with a new dynamo.

Those are the explanation regarding the causes of the twin-tub washing machine dryer not rotating. Clean the washing machine after use for durable use.