7 Causes of the TV Turning Off and How to Overcome It

Now almost all homes must have a television (TV). With the TV, you can receive all the information quickly and can also watch entertainment programs.

There are many types of TV that you can find in the market. Starting from tube TVs, Plasma TVs, LCD or LED TVs, to Smart TVs. Each type of TV certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages.

However, have you ever, while watching TV, suddenly it turned off by itself? This is certainly not without reason.

There are several reasons why the TV may turn itself off. Here’s the reasons:

1. Power Outage

The TV has one power cable which is the main cable from the TV to turn it on. If this cable is disconnected, of course the TV will turn off suddenly.

This could have happened due to a shock or a shift from the power cord plug. Or it could be due to a power failure.

To fix this, you need to check the main cable section of the TV. If the plug is loose, then you can reconnect it to the wall outlet.

Make sure first that the electricity is really on. You can see it on the TV indicator, if the electricity is on and has been connected to the TV.

2. TV Not Connected with Antenna

The second cause of the TV turning itself off is the TV that is not connected to the antenna. This can also cause the TV to turn itself off.

However, most TVs will display a dark, blurry, or color image. This can happen because of the wind that breaks the cable flow from the TV to the antenna.

Make sure you check the antenna cable section. If disconnected, reconnect to the antenna. Try turning on the TV, if the image appears but is blurry, you can move the direction of the antenna and look for the best signal.

The quality of the antenna also affects the quality of the TV. So before buying a TV antenna, make sure you choose it carefully.

3. Broken TV

There are many kinds of damage to the TV, which are factors that cause the TV to turn off by itself.

Generally, this can happen because the TV’s component parts have problems, such as soldering loose due to shocks, worn out components, or TV overheating due to being left for a very long time.

To fix this, you cannot do it yourself. You should take it to a TV repairman so that the TV can be repaired quickly.

4. Check TV Timer Settings

Now almost all modern TVs on the market have a built-in feature that allows you to turn the TV on or off at any given time.

If you find the TV turning on or off by itself, it could be because of the timer setting on the TV. Make sure you have disabled this feature.

Many people accidentally turn on this feature or forget to turn it off again, so the TV turns off or turns on by itself. How to set it back, by going to the menu, then setting the timer, and normalize.

5. Disconnect Wi-Fi Connection

Usually smart TVs have a Wi-Fi feature that can be connected to the internet, watch online broadcasts, and more. This TV is also generally connected to a smart assistant, such as SmartThings, Alexa, or Google Home.

You may accidentally turn off the TV with the smart assistant connected to the phone. To find out, you can try it by turning off the connected Wi-Fi connection.

Or you can try it by unplugging the TV’s power cable and restarting it. That way the TV will restart the system.

6. Remote Battery is Low

If the remote’s battery is low, this could cause the remote to send out the wrong signal. Replace with a new battery so that the problem can be solved. Then try turning on the TV again with the remote that has been replaced with batteries.

7. Turn off the HDMI-CEC Feature on the TV

The HDMI-CEC feature is a feature that connects the TV with other devices. For example, like PlayStation with TV or CPU with TV.

By connecting it to the HDMI-CEC feature, you can control all activities from the TV, such as turning off the TV.

Check this HDMI-CEC feature, if it is still on, then turn it off so that your TV is not controlled by other devices.

These are some of the causes of the TV turning off by itself and how to fix it. If you can’t handle it yourself, take it to a service center or ask a professional for help.

When buying a TV, also make sure you are careful, so that it can last a long time.