3 Causes of the Drilling Machine Overheating

A drilling machine is carpentry equipment used to make holes in concrete, wood, metal, or other hard surfaces that are round, cone-shaped, or curved.

The cutting tool moves the drilling machine toward the drill bit, which is only on the machine’s axis. Different kinds and sizes of drilling machines can be changed to fit your needs.

Drilling machines can break down, especially when they are used to make holes in hard things. Because of this, the owner of a drilling machine needs to keep it in good shape and store it in a specific place when it’s not in use.

When drills are used for a long time, they usually get hot. There is nothing wrong with this drilling machine getting hot. But if you use a new drilling machine for a long time or if it gets hot quickly, that’s a sign of something wrong.

Several things can cause a drilling machine to get too hot. And now, let’s take a look at why the drill machine gets too hot and how to fix it.

1. Broken Drill Bearing

The bearing or bearing in the drilling machine is a part of the drill that helps the engine turn. If this part of the bearing has a problem, like getting stuck, it can make the drilling machine hard to turn. If you don’t fix it, the drilling machine will get hot quickly if you don’t.

Another reason is that the bearings are not in the right place, which makes the engine spin unbalanced. The rotor will touch the stator if nothing is done to stop it. This will cause friction, which will make heat.

So, if a drilling machine feels hot to the touch, it’s never a bad idea to check the bearing. Damaged bearings should be changed immediately so that the drilling machine won’t stop turning and will run smoothly.

2. The Capacitor Can’t Work

Some types of drilling machines use capacitors or condensers to make the part of the machine spin faster. On a drilling machine, the capacitor is usually in the shape of a box and is near the drill switch.

If the capacitor doesn’t work, the only sound the drilling machine will make when it is turned on is a buzzing sound. And holding down the switch for a long time can heat up the coil quickly.

A hot drill machine can be fixed by installing a new capacitor instead of a broken one. So, even if the drilling machine has only been used for a short time, it won’t get hot quickly when it is used.

3. Coil Resistance Is Wearing

The coil in the drilling machine comprises two parts: the stator and the armature. If one of the coils wears out, the drill will get hot quickly when you turn it on. So, if the drill machine is giving you trouble, you should check the coil resistance section.

A multimeter with a standard-size coil resistance of 18 ohms can be used to find out. If the resistance of one of the coils is less than 18 ohms, it means that wear has damaged the path on that coil. You can replace or rewind the part.

These are reasons why the drilling machine gets hot so quickly when it’s being used. Most of the time, fixing a drilling machine is not hard and can be understood by anyone. But if you can’t fix it yourself, it never hurts to ask for help from a professional to fix the drilling machine immediately. We hope that the above information can help.