7 Causes of the Blender Broke and How to Fix It

In the past, cooking could only be done by human power. Now along with the development of technology, cooking activities can be assisted by machines.

This electronic machine is capable of being a tool that simplifies and speeds up the process of cooking or processing food.

One tool that is often used in the cooking process is a blender. A blender is an electronic device that is used to grind, mix or mash food.

But every blender certainly has the potential to break. Therefore, find out what causes the blender to break quickly as below:

1. Don’t Understand about How to Use the Blender

Along with the increasing needs of the community, the blender provides other benefits that are better than the previous blender.

Other benefits provided are pulp-free juicing, juicing, orange squeezing, meat chopping, vegetable chopping, peanut grinder and making soy milk.

But did you know that there are various brands of blenders that offer these advantages. Brands that are rarely recognized by the public will lead to a lack of information on the use of blenders.

If you don’t know how to use blender correctly and precisely, what happens is that the blender will quickly break because there are installation errors and even usage.

2. Barely Know about the Maintenance of the Blender

When you have finished using a blender, the step to make this tool durable is to know how to care for it.

Blender has advantages and benefits that are increasingly sophisticated. This shows that a blender treatment that only juices with a blender treatment for grinding nuts or meat will be quite different.

Judging from the shape of the blender container, it certainly looks different depending on the benefits. Therefore, you need to know which parts of the blender can be washed and which should not be washed let alone exposed to water.

Not knowing how to take care of it will further increase the potential for the blender to be damaged because the parts of the blender are not properly cleaned, making it possible that there are food residues that are still tucked away and cause damage to the blender.

3. Too Close to the Wall when Use the Blender

When you use a blender it is recommended not to get too close to the wall or avoid an enclosed space. This is done to prevent the engine from overheating even though there is a cooling fan.

If you decide to follow the advice then the engine will not overheat and the blender will not spoil as quickly.

4. Keep the Blender Container in the Refrigerator

It is no stranger that some electronics must be stored according to the instructions from the manual.

In fact, many electronic items cannot be stored in the refrigerator because they can spoil things quickly, including the blender.

By storing this tool in the refrigerator, changes in temperature can cause faster damage to the blender.

5. Forget to Add the Supporting Ingredients when Use the Blender

When you decide you want to blend food ingredients, especially spices, it turns out that the blade of the tool can’t move or can’t rotate.

But the ingredients included are not hard textured materials. Then the error that may occur is not including the supporting material. Blender supporting ingredients in smoothing spices such as water and oil.

Some seasonings do not contain water, making it difficult to move the blades in the blender. So by adding additional oil and water to the spices to be blended, it can help facilitate the movement of the knife to chop, crush and smooth the ingredients.

So if this cause continues, it can potentially result in the blender being damaged quickly. The damage that may arise from not including the supporting material is the engine heats up quickly and reduces the ability of the blender blade to rotate.

6. Continuous Using of the Blender

The use of electronic goods of course has its own time. This means that not all electronics can be used for a long time or for hours or even continuously. One electronic item that cannot be used continuously is a blender.

If the blender is continuously used without giving a pause, it will certainly make the blender machine heat up quickly and cause the blender to quickly break down. Because the blender is forced to work harder than its capacity.

In general, this tool can be used in a span of about 10-30 minutes depending on the brand and the rules in the manual or manual for using the blender.

7. Putting Hard Texture Ingredients to the Blender

The mistake that is most often made by people when using a blender is smoothing food or hard-textured materials.

If you think that by continuing to blend the hard material it will become smooth, that is a mistake.

Because if the blender is forced to refine ingredients beyond its capabilities, the blender will quickly break down and even die completely until it can’t be used again.

This happens because the hard material opposes and blocks the movement of the blades of the blender itself so that the blades cannot rotate.