5 Causes of the Air Conditioner Leakage and How to Fix it

Air Conditioner is one of the electronic tools that become the needs of every household, even more in the summer. Air Conditioner is one of the electronic tools that is often used almost every time.

One of the problems of air conditioner is the leakage. It is usually normal because there is rarely any cleaning or maintenance of the Air Conditioner regularly.

But you have to pay more attention at the causes of the leakage, whether it is a big problem or not. Actually, the water leakage that comes out from the Air Conditioner is normal, but if the volume of the water become to big, then there is something wrong going on.

Because of that, we need to understand what the causes of the Air Conditioner leakage so that we can do the right thing to fix it.

Here is some causes of the Air Conditioner leakage and how to fix it:

1. The Dirty Air Conditioner Filter

The first causes to the Air Conditioner leakage is because of the dirty Air Conditioner filter. Filter is the component on the Air Conditioner that has the function to filter the air.

Because of the high usage rate and the minimum amount of maintenance, the Air Conditioner filter got dirty. Normally, Air Conditioner will throw away the water that has been used in the cooling system.

The condensation can also be the cause of the water creation in the cooling system of the Air Conditioner. So if the filter got dirty, the air that will go into the evaporator section will have trouble to go in.

That will make the coil of the evaporator become very cold and frozen. That is when we have to pay more attention. The Air Conditioner will release the water that become the source of leakage.

This can be happened because of the age of the Air Conditioner and the minimum of the maintenance. Air Conditioner that was never been in the maintenance will cause some of the wear components such as armaflex wrappers to be broken and so on.

To avoid the Air Conditioner because of the dirty filter, you have to clean and maintenance your Air Conditioner periodically. Make schedule to maintain the Air Conditioner system at least once in every 3 months, if there is a leakage, you have to check whether the Air Conditioner filter is actually dirty or not.

If the filter is actually dirty, the replacement of the filter must be done. You also have to check the wrapping of the armalex pipe, wheter it is still good or need a replacement.

2. The Wrong Installation

The next cause of the Air Conditioner leakage, there is something wrong with the installation. This can be done because in the installation, the Air Conditioner is not in a line position, this cause some of the components to release the water in a different tilt.

If your Air Conditioner not in a line position or some of the corner is below the average, it will cause the Air Conditioner leakage.

To fix the wrong installation of the Air Conditioner, you have to re-install the Air Conditioner. You have to make sure that the Air Conditioner is in the right position.

You can open the case of the Air Conditioner and then adjust the tilt. But, if the installation is wrong from the very start. You have to re-install and adjust the position of the Air Conditioner on your house.

3. The Dust and Dirt

The Air Conditioner leakage can also be caused by the dust and the dirt, evenmore when the dust and the dirt already stacked. It can cause the water outflow to get stuck and cause the leakage.

The dust and dirt in the Air Conditioner can also make another problem such as the growth of mold. The mold in the Air Conditioner can affect the cleanliness of the air in the Air Conditioner. It can affect your health.

So it is very important to clean the Air Conditioner periodically to avoid such things. You can hire the technician to do the cleaning if it is happened that you don’t have the knowledge to that yourself.

You can schedule the cleaning of your Air Conditioner from the dust and dirt. Always make a schedule for the cleaning and maintenance of the Air Conditioner , don’t miss it because it is very important.

If your Air Conditioner is already on the hand of technician, you can also ask them to clean your Air Conditioner to reduce the amount of the dust and the dirt.

4. Rusty and Broken Drain Pan

In the Air Conditioner there is some kind of container called the Pan. This pan is to contain the drain water as the outflow from the cooling system.

Inside this pan there is the drain pan of the Air Conditioner that works as the outflow pipe. If the drain is rusty or broken it will automatically make the drain water stuck and leak on to another parts of the Air Conditioner.

To fix this, you have to change the other components of the Air Conditioner, because it is very difficult to get a hold of this. Always check the drain pan to avoid the rusty and broken of the parts.

5. The Leakage of the Freon on the Air Conditioner

The leakage of the freon on the Air Conditioner can also make the causes of ac not cooling after cleaned. As you know that the freon is some kind of a chemical or gas that is used as the fluid to distribute it on the room.

The freon is somekind of fluid that works to absorp the heat to make the temperature go down and felt cold. When the freon move together in the air of the room, the warm temperature of the room will change to cold temperature.

The indicator of the freon leakage is that the blow from the Air Conditioner felt warm after turned on. If the freon is really leaked, you have to fix this as soon as possible because it can affect you family health.

To fix the leakage of the freon, you can ask the technician of the Air Conditioner to check the leaked parts.

If it can still be fixed it will be fixed so on, but occasionally the leaked parts have to be replaced. So it is very important to do the maintenance program periodically so that we cen avoid such things.

That’s some of the causes of the Air Conditioner leakage and how to fix that. Don’t hesitate to fix the leakage of the Air Conditioner because it can make into another big problem.

To fix the Air Conditioner it is best to ask the technician, but with the knowledge of the causes it can reduce the chance to go into bigger problem if left alone.

Because there are several types of air conditioner in the market, the causes of the leakage and how to fix them is probably different. You can ask to the expert if you meet any difficulty in finding the cause of the leakage.