5 Causes of Noisy Fan and How to Fix It

Electric fan is an electronic appliance that is used to blow wind. It is commonly used by the public because it has several advantages over AC.

Some of its advantages include being very portable, power-efficient, easy to clean and maintain, and also affordable. There are also many type of fans.

Every household certainly has this device. The working principle of an electric fan is to convert electrical energy into motion so that the blades can rotate and produce wind.

There are several buttons to adjust the speed. Generally, the available wind speeds are speeds of 1 to 3.

Since the fan is an electronic device that is very useful for cooling the room, it will be quite a serious problem when the fan has a problem.

You will feel hot and uncomfortable, especially on a hot day. One of the types of fan damage that is often experienced is the fan making noise.

Noisy fans can certainly appear for a reason. Of course, you must address this problem immediately if you want the fan to be used again.

Here are some causes of noisy fans and also how to fix it:

1. Dust and Dirt Piling Up

The first cause of a noisy fan is the accumulation of dust and dirt. Usually, dust and dirt will stick to the fan protection cover, on the fan rotor axle, and the fan blades.

This will cause the rotor blades and axles to be obstructed in transmitting the energy of motion. As the result, the rotor axle is stuck, which in turn will make a noisy sound.

The appearance of dust and dirt is usually because no maintenance has been done on the fan. A fan that is left for a long time will certainly be dusty. Even after use, it can still be dusty, especially if the fan is turned off for long.

To fix this, you have to clean the dirt that is on the fan blades and rotor axles. And also clean the fan cover so that the cleanliness of the wind produced is really maintained.

You can wash the blades with soapy water and then dry them until they are completely dry. To clean the axle, use a cloth or microfiber by gently wiping it.

2. Loose Fan Screw

In a fan, there are several screws such as:

  • Screws for fan feet
  • Screws for fan body parts
  • Screw for fan height adjustment
  • Screw to adjust the blowing direction
  • Screw to lock the blade
  • Fan cover retaining screw
  • Screw from fan housing

If there is a loose or loose screw, of course, the vibrations caused by the rotation of the motor and propeller will be even greater, which will cause noise from the fan itself.

To fix this, you have to tighten the screws that feel loose. Check first for each part of the fan that has screws.

If there is a missing screw, you will have to replace it with a new one. These screws are easy to find at electronics stores.

3. Broken Fan Blade

The next cause is a broken fan blade. Fan blades can be broken because when the blades are rotating, they are hit by other objects that enter through between the covers.

If the blades break, they will become unbalanced, which will cause noise.

To fix this, you have to replace the fan blade with new ones. There are many universal fan blades available at various electronics stores.

To replace it, you need to use a plus screwdriver to unscrew the fan cover retaining screw. Then, turn the blade retaining screw to the right.

Remove the broken blade and replace it with a new one. Make sure the blade is right in position because there is a small iron holding it.

4. Jammed Rotor Axles

The fourth cause of noisy fans is the fan rotor axle being jammed. The fan that rotates continuously causes the lubricant contained in the rotor axle to wear out, and as a result the axle will become jammed or stuck.

When the fan rotates, the dragging axle is forced to rotate by the electric motor, causing the sound of friction between the axle and bushing.

To fix this, you can add a lubricant in the form of oil or grease to the boundary of the rotor. Make sure you have cleaned the rotor rods before adding a lubricant.

Gently grease the shaft of the rotor and rotate the axle slowly so that all parts are lubricated.

5. Broken Fan Bushing

And the last cause is a damaged fan bushing. This bushing is used to support the rotating rotor axle.

If the bushing is damaged, when the axle rotates it will cause a vibration, which will make noise in that part.

To fix this, you will have to replace the fan bushings. To do this, you can follow these steps:

  • First, open the fan cover.
  • Remove the fan blades.
  • Open the back cover of the fan.
  • Remove the fan motor housing by removing the screws attached to the housing.
  • Unscrew the nuts and bolts of the fan motor.
  • Replace the bushing located on the front of the fan motor.

Pay attention to the things above carefully so that you can fix the fan that makes a noise in your home. Make sure you have unplugged the fan from the power source, and do it carefully.