7 Causes of Motor Strikes Often and How to Fix It

Motorcycles are one of the most popular types of vehicles. Not only are motorbikes less expensive than cars, but they are also the best vehicle for people who live in cities, especially when they have to get through traffic jams.

But the motor sometimes has problems, too. One of these is that it often breaks down. Even while driving, motorcycle accidents can happen out of the blue.

A broken-down motorcycle can make it hard for the owner to get where they need to go. They will have to push the motorcycle to the nearest repair shop.

It is essential for people who own motorbikes to know what makes them break down often. Not only that, but it’s also important to know what to do if your motor breaks. For this reason, let’s look at a description of why the motor broke down.

1. Out of Fuel

When the motor breaks down, one reason is that it runs out of gas or fuel. As everyone knows, the motor needs gasoline or fuel to start and keep all of its parts running.

When the engine runs out of gas, it makes sense that it stops working. If the motor breaks down suddenly, the first thing to do is check to see if there is still fuel or if it has run out.

If the fuel runs out, fill the tank immediately so the engine can start again. It is very important to always keep an eye on how much gas you have, especially if you use your motorcycle a lot every day. Don’t let the gas tank get low or almost empty to keep the motorbike from breaking down suddenly on the road.

2. Dirty Filter

A filter is a part of the motor that cleans the air that goes into the combustion chamber so that it doesn’t mix with dirt or dust. The air is also needed for fuel to burning in a motor engine.

If the motor filter is dirty, it can let dirty, dusty air into the combustion duct. This can make the engine not work right and make it hard to pull on the gas. If you don’t check the motor before you use it, it will often break down.

So, replace the motor filter immediately if the motor starts to act up while it’s being used, especially if it is more than three years old.

3. Wrong When Choosing Fuel

The wrong fuel is another reason why the motor often breaks down. It’s important to remember that each type of motor has its suggestions for fuel. Make sure that the fuel you use fits the needs of the engine.

If you use the wrong fuel, the engine could break. So, it’s best to choose a power with a high octane level or above 92. An energy with a high octane level produces less pollution and burns more completely.

4. There is a problem with the spark plug

The spark plug in the engine is a device that helps start the combustion process, which happens when fuel and air are mixed. The machine will begin when this spark goes off.

If the spark plug is broken, the engine won’t start, which is why the motor often breaks down. Most problems with spark plugs are caused by dirty or broken plugs or issues with the wires connecting the plugs to the engine.

If your spark plugs are dirty, you should clean them immediately with a special cleaner to get them back to normal. If the spark plug is broken, you should replace it immediately so that the combustion process can work as well as possible. Most of the time, spark plugs break because they were not put in correctly.

5. Engine Overheated

When the motor engine overheats, it can cause the motor to break down often, even more so if the car’s owner keeps making the engine run for a long time. If the engine’s temperature keeps going up, it could cause the piston and liner boring to get stuck.

If the engine gets too hot, the lubricant can’t cool it down, so the piston will grow and eventually get stuck. If so, the motor will crash because the engine won’t work.

How to fix this is first to let the motor rest or not use it for more than an hour. If the motor stops working after the engine has cooled down, it’s best to take it to the nearest repair shop for more help.

6. Valve Not Installed Properly

When the motor is used, it can also often break down because a valve wasn’t put in correctly. When motorcycles are fixed at unofficial shops, this usually happens.

The error happens because the valve is either too tight or wasn’t put in right. If the kelp is put on too tightly, it can quickly cause the engine to get too hot or overheat. Because of this, the motor or engine may break down or die.

This can be fixed by taking the valve to a real repair shop to get it fixed. This is to put the valve back in the position that the manufacturer wants.

7. Engine Oil Out

Like running out of gas, running out of engine oil can cause the motor to break down. Motor oil is a lubricant that keeps parts of the engine from rubbing against each other and making heat.

If the motor oil runs out, there is more friction between the engine parts. If this keeps happening, the engine will heat up quickly, which could cause the motor to break.

When motor oil is not changed often enough or is used for too long, it hurts the engine. Because of this, you should usually change the motor oil once a month to make the engine run better.

If you don’t check it, the motor will break down suddenly and won’t start. The motor’s engine can get damaged, which slows it down.

The motorcyclist needs to know that these are some of the reasons why the motor often breaks down. Don’t freak out if the motor stops working all of a sudden. Before you drive, it’s a good idea to check the condition of the motor.

As prevention, you should regularly have the motorbike’s engine serviced at an official shop. We hope that the above information can help.