3 Causes of Grinding Sparks

Grinding is a tool that can cut or smooth the surface of something else. Sparks are often made when cutting, especially with cut-off grinding machines.

Sparks can be caused by a number of things, such as parts that have been used for too long without being maintained or problems inside the grinding components.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why sparks fly to learn more about what causes them.

1. Hard Carbon Brush

Checking the carbon brush is the first thing to do when a grinder sparks. This part is hard enough that when the grinding machine is turned on or used, it can make big sparks.

This can happen when the carbon brush and the armature connector rub against each other. If you keep using carbon brushes with a hard surface, the rotor armature will wear down and burn, leaving holes. Please keep in mind that if the armature part gets broken, the cost to fix it will be much higher than the cost to fix the carbon brush.

So, you should replace the hard carbon brush with a new one that has a slightly softer texture right away.


Short-circuiting or short-circuiting of machine parts is another cause of sparks. When water gets into the grinding machine through holes in the grinding body, short circuiting can happen.

Short-circuiting can also be caused by dust or other dirt that gets into the grinding machine. When the grinder is turned on, the dust can cause the copper coils in the stator to short-circuit, which makes sparks.

To avoid this, the grinding machine should be taken care of regularly, especially after it has been used. Use a brush or blower to clean the grinder’s cracks and crevices of dirt and dust.

If water got into the grinder, you shouldn’t turn it on first. Clean the grinder and let it dry until it is totally dry. Burrs can be dried quickly by putting them in direct sunlight or using a blower in addition to a dry cloth.

3. Rotor Collector Worn

A worn rotor collector is another thing that can cause the grinder to spark. The carbon brush and the orange part of the grinding machine’s rotor are connected by the rotor collector, which is also called the armature.

A worn-out rotor collector has changed color to black and has become concave-shaped due to erosion.

To fix this, a set of rotors needs to be replaced with new ones. But if only the armature is discolored and there hasn’t been too much erosion, the black surface can be sanded evenly or until it goes away.

Some of these things can make the grinder spark, especially when it’s being used. If you want to keep it from getting worse, you should fix it right away. Replace broken parts with new ones so that grinders can still be used to cut things. We hope that the above information can help.