4 Causes of Fast Heat Grinding

A grinder is a tool that is used to cut and smooth things quickly. As an engine is the main thing that makes a grinder work, it can have problems, such as getting hot quickly.

In general, the temperature of a machine that has been set up to run for a long time will rise. But it’s a different story if the grinding machine’s temperature goes up quickly, especially if it’s only used for a few minutes.

If this happens, it means the grinding machine is broken. People who have never used a grinder before might not know why it gets hot so quickly. So, it doesn’t hurt to look at some of the reasons below for why grinders heat up quickly.

1. Engine Bearing Stuck

The first reason the grinder gets hot quickly is that the bearing is stuck or not turning. Keep in mind that the shaft of the grinding machine rotates around the bearing.

If the part is stuck, the bearing will rub against the shaft of the grinding machine, making it heavy to turn. If nothing is done, the parts that rub against each other will heat up and get hot if nothing is done to stop it.

To fix this, you just need to get new bearings for the grinding machine.

2. Bearing Wobble

The grinder also gets hot quickly because the bearings are loose or moving around. Because of this, when the grinding machine shaft is turning, it is no longer balanced.

The way the bearing moves makes it unbalanced, which shakes the grinding machine shaft as it turns and causes it to touch other parts. The grinding machine heats up quickly because of the friction between the grinding shaft and the other parts.

Of course, this can be fixed by putting the bearing back where it was before. But if the part is broken, you should replace the bearing with a new one right away.

3. One-sided Stator Off

The stator of a hand grinding machine is made up of two copper wire coils that don’t move and have two lines of electric current going through them. If one of these lines dies or gets disconnected, the armature’s rotation becomes erratic. This causes the armature to touch the stator, which quickly heats the grinding machine or, worse, causes a short circuit.

4. Coil Damage

Grinding machines have coils that can be broken if the machine is used too much or for too long. Damaged coils look darker or red like they’ve been burned, and their insulation melts.

Not only that, but a damaged coil can also be seen when the grinding machine slows down, makes a rough sound, and sparks come out of the commutator. To fix this, you can turn the grinding machine backward.

Some of the reasons why grinding wheels get hot so fast are listed here. This damage is easy to fix once you know what caused it. If you run into problems while fixing something, it’s best to hire a pro to get better results. This should help.