7 Causes of Cars Suddenly Turned Off and How to Fix it

Rarely maintain and service a car on a regular basis is one of the main factors behind a car can die suddenly.

In his case, a car will not die if there is no underlying cause. If this happens to you in the middle of a trip, the first thing you have to remember is to stay calm and don’t panic.

The cause of the car suddenly died, generally the same in every types of car. The following are some of the causes of the car suddenly turning off:

1. Run out of Fuel

Even though the needle on the gasoline indicator on the car is still in a safe position or limit, even if it tends to be full, it never hurts to directly check the existing gas tank.

This can be done by opening the tank and checking the gas with a wooden stick, whether it is still there or not.

Because it is not uncommon for the fuel indicator to be damaged which causes the needle to remain stationary in one position even though the available fuel or gasoline continues to decrease over time.

Apart from faulty indicators, faulty hoses and pumps or injectors can also be the cause. If these things are not true, then automatically the fuel cannot flow perfectly.

The thing to do if this problem occurs is, first you can go to the nearest gas station to refill the fuel that runs out.

Then next to avoid the same incident happening again, you can come to a repair shop or other professional mechanic to fix the damage that occurred on the fuel indicator.

Because this problem can’t be underestimated either, for example when you travel long distances or visit a place that is quiet or rarely inhabited.

2. Overheat

An engine that is too hot can also be the cause of the car turning off suddenly.

The causes of overheating car engines can generally occur because the radiator in the car lacks fluid, it could be due to a leak or a lack of routine to check this part so that you don’t realize that the water has been used up.

The most appropriate solution is that you can refill the liquid in the radiator. However, if it has not improved and still feels hot in the car engine, it is recommended to go to a repair shop to check how bad the problem is with the engine and radiator.

3. Catalytic Converter

This part is arguably very vital from the exhaust system because it is one of the determinants of performance and performance on the engine.

If the catalytic converter or ignition system is dead and not working properly, then a problem could be with the coil. Because this component has the task of keeping the exhaust on the car clean, then this part must have a lifetime.

If this is the problem that causes the car to not start, then replace the existing coil and spark plug parts so that the engines can return to normal work again.

4. The Alternator

This mobi part has a function as a supplier or connector of electricity to the battery.

If the alternator or what is commonly referred to as the dynamo amperage is damaged, then electricity cannot be supplied to the battery whose main function is to provide electricity which makes the car run.

So you can imagine if this part has a problem or is damaged, then the car cannot be started.

5. Ignition Switch

Maybe for most people, this part is better known as the car starter. If this component is problematic or disturbed, it can be a factor causing the car to lose power before it will die completely.

However, this cannot be separated from the fuel system and ignition factors that are disrupted as well. In some cases, the car will be able to be started again or started after being given a pause for a while.

However, it is not uncommon to find cases where the car engine is completely dead and cannot be revived.

6. The Fuel Pump

The fuel pump or commonly known as the fuel pump can be clogged. When this section is clogged, its function as a distributor of fuel to the entire engine cannot be carried out properly.

As a result the car will run out of power to run due to fuel that is not supplied perfectly.

7. The Engine Control Unit (ECU)

In the latest sophisticated cars are usually equipped with an ECU. This section becomes a small computer that will direct the various systems contained in the car.

According to research conducted by Mechanic Base, problems that occur in this section can cause the car to lose power which will be indicated by a symptom where the check engine light on the car dashboard will light up.

The best thing to do when this happens is to come to the right mechanic to do a real diagnosis of what happened to your car.

Car components and car spare parts basically each have its own vital function and are interrelated with one another. It is undeniable, that the parts are very complex and there can be some problems with the car.

Actually, the thing to do is simply call or visit a repair shop or a professional mechanic who is more knowledgeable to solve problems with car systems.

The next thing we can do is carry out regular servicing or inspections to prevent further damage, as well as know some car components that must be replaced regularly so as not to cause other problems.