6 Causes of Car AC Not Cooling and How to Overcome It

Car air conditioning is a necessity for every driver and passenger, because if the car does not have an AC cooling system, then you will most likely to overheat in the car.

Of course, this makes you uncomfortable. In addition, the car air conditioner is used as air circulation, so you don’t need to open the car window.

Car AC components include condensers, blowers, compressors, filter dryers, expansion valves, and evaporators. These components and air conditioning systems are filled with refrigerant gas which will be channeled into the interior of your car through the AC hole on the dashboard of the car.

You can also adjust the speed and cold temperature as desired. There are several reasons that can cause the car air conditioner to not cooling.

Know the causes of the problem, so that your car air conditioner can work normally again:

1. Cooling System Leaked

The first cause is the AC system or cooling system that has a leak. Gas refrigerant or Freon leaks out, so it can’t get into the interior of the car maximally.

This Freon should be able to flow optimally through several components in the car’s cooling system. Of course, if there is a leak there will be a problem with the resulting AC temperature.

Because AC is a cooling system in a car that has many components and is quite complicated in how it works, so if a leak occurs, it becomes a big problem.

These leaks can occur in all components of the air conditioner, but usually occur between pipe connections or in loose gaskets.

To solve this, you have to find the part of the AC that is leaking. After that repair, patch it, or replace the leaking AC part. Then refill the cooling system with new Freon.

2. Freon Runs Out

Generally, Freon in car air conditioning systems can last for years depending on usage. The air conditioner in the car that is not cold, could be caused by the Freon that has run out.

This is indeed often the case in cars that are often used, so the Freon runs out quickly. How to solve this, you only need to recharge the car AC Freon.

Go to the AC Freon charging station, but you need to know the type of car AC Freon used before filling it.

3. AC Compressor Problem

The compressor is the main component in the car’s air conditioning cooling system. So, if the compressor has a problem, it will affect all AC components.

Signs of a problematic car AC compressor, including:

  • There is a rough sound around the compressor.
  • AC temperature that is not cold.
  • Reduced Freon pressure.

To overcome this, you must know the cause of the compressor malfunction. Usually a car AC compressor can be repaired, but if it is severe, the biggest possibility is to replace a new compressor.

4. Car AC Condenser Broken

The condenser is one of the components in the car’s air conditioning cooling system which functions to convert the Freon gas back into liquid.

If the condenser is damaged such as clogged or leaks in the pipe, then the Freon will automatically not flow. If the Freon cannot flow, then the air conditioner in your car will not be able to produce cold temperatures.

To fix it, you have to do further checking. Go to an authorized repair shop to fix this.

5. Troubled Electrical System

Electrical problems can also affect the car’s cooling system. Usually there is a blown line, such as a blown cable or fuse.

Finding which part is broken is quite difficult. The technician will disassemble all electrical systems related to the AC cooling system.

If a broken or damaged cable or fuse has been found, it must be repaired by connecting or replacing it.

6. Cooling Fan Broken

The cooling fan acts as a tool to cool several components in the AC system. If the components in the AC system do not receive cooling properly, then the components can automatically experience problems, so that the air conditioner in your car does not feel cold.

You can check it visually on the AC cooling fan. If the fan blades are cracked or broken caused by objects on the road, they must be replaced with new ones.

These are some of the reasons why the car air conditioner is not cold. Before you take it to an authorized service or repair shop for repairs, you have to find the cause first.

If it can be repaired by yourself, it will be even better, because it saves time and costs. However, if you can’t, then immediately go to the repair shop.