6 Causes of Broken Laptop Hinges

Laptops are electronic items that are quite often used by many people. Not surprisingly, laptops are the main item that is used all the time. In addition, laptops are one of the items commonly used for work and school. So many people have it.

The main component of a laptop consists of many things such as VGA, keyboard, screen, hard drive and others. The design of the laptop size also has many variations starting from the smallest with a 10-inch screen and the largest with a 21-inch screen.

Laptops are equipped with hinges that open and close so that they are easy to use. The hinge is one of the components that breaks easily because it is only supported by a plastic holder, so it is recommended that when you open or close the laptop, do it carefully.

Because hinges are components that are prone to breakage or damage, so many cases occur in hinges. There are many reasons why hinges are damaged. Hinge damage is not necessarily caused by continuous use of the laptop without stopping.

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Laptop Hinge

In addition, there are also some damage to laptop hinges that can be caused by other factors, such as a laptop falling or being hit by a heavy object. Whatever the cause, laptops with broken hinges are very uncomfortable to use, some even have laptops that can’t be used again because of the broken hinges.

Check out below to find out the cause of damaged laptop hinges:

1. Opening the Laptop from the Corner of the Screen

The main cause of damaged laptop hinges is the wrong way to open the laptop, which is opening through the corner of the screen. Generally, laptop owners unknowingly open the laptop from the corner of the end of the laptop screen. This is the wrong way especially if it has become a habit.

Opening the laptop from the corner of the edge of the screen makes the focus of the usually thin screen one-sided. One of the hinges will have a different and one-sided load when opening the laptop in that way.

The best way to open a laptop is to open it from the center of the laptop screen. And open it slowly and carefully.

2. Closing the Screen Too Hard

Not a few laptop owners who close the laptop screen too hard. Even to the point of causing a sound on the hinges and screen. This is a wrong habit because it can make the screen components break and over time it will be damaged.

Especially if there are objects that are still above the laptop keyboard. Of course later if the laptop screen is closed hard it will make the screen broken and allow it to be damaged. The part on the laptop hinge will also be affected.

A good way is to slowly close the laptop screen. And ensure that there are no objects that will be tucked when the laptop screen is closed.

3. Opening the Screen Too Wide

The next cause of a broken laptop hinge is opening the laptop screen too wide. Each laptop hinge has a limit, so you must be careful when opening the laptop.

Many people open laptops that exceed the limit so that the laptop hinges are damaged. To overcome this, you need to replace the laptop hinge if the hinge is damaged or broken.

4. Laptop Slammed

A slammed laptop can also cause the hinge to be damaged. When the laptop slams and hits the hinges, the hinges will break or break. Not only the hinges are damaged but also other components such as the screen and HDD are also affected.

If it has been slammed, then you need to replace the damaged components. Be careful in placing or storing the laptop so it doesn’t slam.

Avoid storing laptops that are accessible to children because they can make the laptop fall and slam. Keep it in a safe place and not hot so that your laptop lasts.

5. Laptop Hit by a Heavy Object

When a laptop is hit by a heavy object, what happens is that the laptop will force the laptop hinge to hold on so that it can cause the hinge on the laptop to break. It usually happens when the laptop is hit with a lot of books.

Another thing that can cause this is when you are carrying a laptop using a backpack where the laptop will coincide with many books.

Pay attention to your laptop and be careful when carrying it so that the laptop remains good and durable.

6. Opening or Closing the Laptop for a Long Time

Laptop hinges are made of steel, so it has the possibility of corrosion. This corrosion can occur due to oxidation or oxygen binding to the laptop hinge so that the hinge becomes rusty and will be difficult to move or drag.

To avoid this, at least don’t forget to open your laptop or close the laptop once a day whether it’s for use or just for cleaning.

Opening or closing a laptop for a long time usually happens to office workers and freelancers who often forget to close it again when it is used.

Those are some of the causes of broken laptop hinges. Broken hinges is one of the hardware damage that can be repaired by anyone. However, to repair it, you must be careful to not damage other components and make the damage worse.

If it is not possible to repair it yourself, just leave it to a laptop technician.