9 Causes of Bad Gasoline Mileage on Cars

Gasoline is an essential fuel for any motor vehicle, including cars. Depending on the size of the car, each one will need a different amount of gas.

Most people who own cars want them to be good at using gas. Unsurprisingly, the newest cars have the latest technology to save gas when driving.

Even so, boron in gasoline is still a problem for many people who drive both old and new cars.

A car that wastes gas is a problem for its owner. If the car wastes gas, the owner has to pay more for gas even if they only drive it a few kilometers.

As a car owner, you should know what makes a car waste gas so that you don’t have to pay more for gas, especially on long trips.

Here are some things you should know that cause a car to waste gas:

1. Late When Changing Oil

One of the most common reasons cars wear out is that the oil isn’t changed often enough. Most of the time, an authorized auto repair shop will change the oil in a car’s engine when the car is in for service.

Cars that get a lot of use or are driven every day should have their oil changed at least once a year. Even cars that have only gone 5000 km should change their oil.

This is because the quality of the engine oil has gone down, and if this isn’t fixed, the car engine may have problems in the future, such as using too much gas.

2. There is a Problem with the Gasoline Filter

The next thing that can cause a car to waste gas is a dirty gas filter. This can happen if the car isn’t serviced regularly or when it’s past due.

Like the oil filter, the fuel filter needs to be cleaned often so that the gas that goes into the combustion chamber is always clean.

If it hasn’t been cleaned, gasoline gets dirty when it goes into the area where the engine burns. When dirt gets into the combustion chamber, the car uses more gas.

If left for a long time, it can damage the car’s combustion chamber. So, as a general rule, the gasoline filter should be cleaned at least once every 30,000 to 40,000 km.

3. Dirty Air Filter

A dirty gas filter can cause a car to waste gas, and so can a dirty air filter. The car’s air filter ensures that only clean air gets into the engine during the burning process.

It’s important to know that a car’s air filter looks like a piece of paper with small holes that trap dirt. So that later, when the car is turned on, dust and other dirt won’t get into the engine.

If the air filter is dirty, dirt-like dust that has built up could cause polluted air to get into the engine of the car. So that less clean air gets into the engine of the car.

So, when the engine is working, the pistons get heavier, so the driver has to press harder on the gas pedal to get more power. This makes the car use more gas when driving.

4. Incorrect Gasoline

As everyone knows, gasoline is the primary fuel for all cars and trucks. Just that if you choose the wrong fuel, the car can waste gas.

This can happen if the fuel isn’t of good quality or if the octane level is below 95.

On the other hand, a car engine should use fuel with a higher octane level to have more power and not waste gas.

Gasoline with an octane rating of 95 is more efficient and uses less fuel than fuel with an octane rating of 80 or 90.

Using the wrong gasoline wastes gas and makes the engine work harder.

5. Using an Air Conditioner that’s Too Cold

The car has an air conditioner (AC) to keep the air in the car cool, especially during the day when driving.

When it’s too hot outside, most people who own cars will turn the air conditioner to its coldest setting to cool down the car.

It turns out that this method can also make the car use too much gas. This is because when the air conditioner is set to its coldest setting, the compressor that pumps the refrigerant will split its power.

Because of this, more power is taken from the engine, and the AC compressor must work harder. To start the car, the driver must step on the gas at the same time. Automatically, the amount of gasoline or other fuel used also increases.

6. Old Car

The age of a car is another thing that can cause it to waste gas. Back then, most cars still had engines that didn’t have a fuel injection system like now.

Also, old cars don’t have a fuel saver, so they use even more gas even if they’re only driven a few kilometers.

7. High-Speed Driving

Drivers sometimes go fast in their cars when certain things are going on.

And maybe many people don’t know that driving at high speeds can make you use up to 25% more gas.

Also, when a car goes fast, the driver must hit the brakes quickly and speed up quickly. This also means that we need more and more gasoline.

To save gas, you should keep your speed steady and drive carefully. Not only does driving fast waste gas, but it also makes accidents more likely.

8. There is a problem with the tires

If a car’s tires aren’t in good shape, it can also waste gas. Tires that are worn down or lack air usually make the asphalt stickier.

This slows down the car, which is already going slower because it is getting heavier. A car that uses too much gas can also have tires that are too big compared to the standard size.

Large car tires don’t just make the car look different—they can also make the tires stick to the road more. Because of this, the engine works harder, which makes the car use more gas.

9. Exhaust Leak

If the car wastes gas, it could be because the exhaust is leaking. The exhaust is the part of the car where the gases made when fuel is burned are released.

If there are problems with the exhaust, like a leak, the amount of gasoline used gets bigger.

It sounds like a small thing, but the car may need more gas if it keeps going. For this reason, fix the exhaust if you find a leak as soon as possible.

So, this is an explanation of why the car wastes gas. It turns out that there are a lot of things that can make a car waste fuel.

As a car owner, it’s essential to know how your car is doing so that it’s always in great shape, especially when driving.