7 Causes Cars Can’t Be Started

A car is a type of vehicle that many people choose because it can carry more people than a motorcycle. As a car owner, you have probably run into problems, like when the car won’t start.

Most cars that have been on the road for more than five years have had the problem of not being able to start. If that’s the case, the car owner will usually call a mechanic immediately to fix the engine so the car can start.

Not only that, but a car owner needs to know why the car won’t start. This is to ensure that similar things don’t happen again and to find out how to deal with them.

So, let’s look at the following reasons why the car won’t start!

1. There is a problem with the battery

The car battery is one of the most common reasons the car won’t start. One of the most important parts of a car engine that provides electricity is the battery. The power from the battery will be used to turn the starter motor, which will allow the car engine to start.

Even though I tried to start the car engine many times with a bad battery, it wouldn’t work. It could be because the amount of electric current produced is less than needed.

To fix this, you can use a battery charger or a battery jumper to boost the electric current coming from the battery. But if the electric current in the battery still doesn’t go up, the battery needs to be replaced immediately with a new one.

2. Dirty Spark Plug

The car might also not start because the spark plugs are dirty. As everyone knows, spark plugs are a part of a car engine that starts a fire. When the spark plug is dirty or broken, it can’t make sparks.

So when you start the car, the engine won’t start. So, the best way to clean the spark plug is to rub it with a special cleaner for spark plugs.

3. Dynamo Starter (Alternator) Faulty

A dynamo starter or alternator is a part of a car engine that charges the battery with electricity. If the car’s alternator is broken, it won’t start.

Owners of cars should know that the starter dynamo is not easy to break. Most of the time, the starter dynamo is broken because it has been used for more than eight years, which makes it less effective.

To replace the starter dynamo, you need to take your car to a trusted auto repair shop and have a specialist do it.

4. Obstruction Occurs In Fuel Flow

The next car won’t start because the fuel flow is blocked or not going everywhere it should. As everyone knows, fuel is a car’s most important power source. If the fuel doesn’t flow right, the car engine won’t start.

If the fuel doesn’t flow, dirt in the line could be to blame. To do that, you must clean the fuel tank, the filter, and the needle valve.

5. Coil Function Decrease

The coil is also an essential part of a car because it sends a lot of electricity to the battery. When an electric current with thousands of volts flows into the spark plug and can start sparks, the coil will get hotter, which is why the car won’t start.

If left on all the time, the coil’s performance may go down, making it hard to start the car engine. Most of the time, a car won’t start because some of the parts in the coil are dirty, rusty, or even broken. So, checking the coil and replacing it immediately if you know it’s been broken is essential.

6. There is a Disturbance in the Engine Mounting

Problems with the engine mounting are another reason the car won’t start. This part holds the machine in place, so it must always stay in the same place. The engine mount is made of metal, and a damper is made of rubber. The machine will make a noise if the rubber is torn.

So, if the car makes a “tek-tek” sound but won’t start, there might be a problem with the rubber damper. So, change the rubber right away so the engine can work normally.

7. Oil hasn’t gone up

Cars in the garage for too long or haven’t been driven in a while can also have trouble starting up. The oil that builds up in the charter or oil pan is the cause. This is what makes the engine oil dry at the top.

Because of this, the car is hard to start and can even make a “tek-tek” sound if you try to start it anyway. Most of the time, the sound comes from a valve that works even though there is no oil to grease it. Fixing it is easy. You must wait a few minutes for the oil to rise and then start the car again.

Car owners need to know that there are many reasons why a car won’t start. But if the person who owns the car doesn’t know how to fix it, they should call a technician at a repair shop as soon as possible.

If you need to replace parts, make sure you use original parts. This will keep the engine from getting hurt in the future. The information above should be helpful.