30+ Kinds of Carpenter Tools and Their Functions

Many types of wood are commonly used as basic materials in making crafts. Those types of wood including teak, mahogany, mindi wood, and others.

It is undeniable that wood is a material that can be converted into various items, especially home furnishings such as tables, wooden chairs, cabinets, and so on.

Therefore, it is not natural for many people who are in the business world to become carpenters. In the world of carpentry, especially for carpenters, there are various tools needed such as saws, hammers, pliers, and chisels.

For more details, you can see the table of various carpentry tools below and their functions:

Carpentry ToolsFunction
Roll MeterA measuring tool that serves to measure the length, width, and height of the wood to be cut. Generally, have a minimum length of 3 meters, 5 meters to 10 meters.
Chisel ToolTo make carvings on the wood side according to the end of the chisel. You can make various sculptural patterns with this chisel according to your needs. Generally, have different lengths so they can be used for any pattern.
Wooden HammerA hammer made of wood with the function of pressing nails or other objects that support the process of carving or carving on wood. The weight of this wood is fairly light so it can be used for all types of work.
Iron HammerHammer made of iron with the function of installing nails or pulling nails with a size large enough. The weight of this hammer tends to be heavy so it is only used for certain jobs such as installing and removing nails.
Nailer GunTool that serves to install nails quickly. It uses wind power, so a wind source is needed if you want to use this tool.
Splitting SawTo cut any wood in parallel cuts using a bar on the wood.
Saws CutTo cut with a cut against the direction of the wood grain. To use it you need to point the saw at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees so that the wood can be cut optimally.
Angle Measuring ToolTo measure the angle of wood. You can set it how big the angle is needed.
Drilling MachineTo make a hole in wood with a certain diameter by rotating the electric motor contained in the machine and then forwarded to the drill bit so that the wood can be perforated.
Manual Wood Shaver ToolTo make the wood surface smoother and flatter manually. To avoid cracking the wood surface due to the use of this tool, the blade used must be sharp.
Planer Shave MachineTo make the surface of the wood smoother and flatter using electrical energy so that you can get maximum results and in a fast time.
AxeFor cutting or splitting wood and also used to make the basic shape of wood before it is formed into various needs made from wood.
Phillips ScrewdriverTighten or loosen screws in wood with a plus screwdriver tip.
Slotted ScrewdriverTighten or loosen the screw on the wood with a screwdriver tip shape min.
Drill ScrewdriverTo quickly install and remove screws using electricity or batteries.
Wood RouterThis machine is used to make various kinds of wood profiles. In addition, it can also be used to make door and window frames sponging, grooves, and leveling wood edges.
Combination PliersThere are many types of pliers, which carpenters often use are combination pliers. The combination pliers section has three functions, which can be used to pull nails, flatten objects, and cut wire.
PliersUse for pulling nails and cutting wire.
SandpaperTo smoothen the surface of the wood by hand.
Sander MachineTo smoothen the surface of wood quickly with electrical energy as the source.
Scroll Saw MachineTo make cuts on wood into patterns or other shapes according to needs.
Circular SawA wood cutting tool that functions to cut wood of various sizes and is equipped with a table as a holder of the wood to be cut.
Band Saw MachineFor cutting or splitting wood of various sizes according to the needs and desired shapes.
JigsawTool that serves to cut wood with curved and circular patterns.
Hand GrinderFor smoothing, cutting and polishing wood materials.
RulerFor making precise straight lines on wood.
FileTo sharpen the saw blade to become sharper.
WrenchFor installing or removing nuts on wood.
Safety GlassesTo protect the eyes while carving, cutting, or smoothing wood.
CaliperTo measure length, width, height, thickness, and depth with an accuracy of up to one per millimeter. With a caliper, your measurements will be more accurate so that the results will be maximized.
WaterpassTo adjust the level when installing wood or making wood patterns so that it can be straight with precision.
Nail SetNail sets or nails serve to connect each part of the wood so that it becomes stronger and stronger.

Those are various kinds of carpentry tools that can increase your knowledge about the world of carpentry.