5 Common Air Conditioner Problems and Solutions

Air conditioner has become a necessity for many people. This electronic device is able to make the temperature in your room cooler. For those of you who live in urban areas with high temperatures, you certainly need this electronic device.

AC just like any other electronic device, can have several problems. Prolonged use and poor quality of AC are often the causes of damage.

The problems that occurs in the air conditioner is quite diverse, ranging from damage to the engine or other parts. Every damage to the air conditioner requires different treatment, depending on the type of air conditioner you have.

AC damage that is already severe usually cannot be repaired or in other words, you have to buy a new one. For those of you who have new air conditioners and don’t know much about the problems that often occur with air conditioners, here are some problems in AC so you can prevent it:

1. AC Can’t Be Turned On

When you are tired from work and want to use the air conditioner but it cannot be turned on, it will certainly make you annoyed and even angry. AC that does not turn on is usually caused by many things, one of them is damage on the remote.

When the remote you are using is still good, it means there has been a malfunction in the power connection. For those of you who want to know the problem of this damage more clearly, you can check the power button or the fuse on the electrical contacts. The problem that often occurs is a short circuit in the contacts.

If you do not find any detected issue in this section, then you can call a technician to repair your air conditioner. Never repair the air conditioner yourself when you don’t know for sure what the damage is. Repairing itself sometimes creates new problems.

2. AC Can’t Be Adjusted Using Remote

The remote is the main control device for the air conditioner. However, sometimes you will find an AC that cannot be operated using a remote. This is of course quite upsetting for you.

When this happens there are usually two predictable possibilities. First, there was issue to the remote control so that it could not be connected directly to the AC.

The second problem that can also occur is damage to the AC censor. It can only be repaired by a technician who is familiar with the problem

3. Ice Build-Up in the Air Conditioner

Another problem that also often occurs is the presence of small ice grains coming out of the air conditioner. The appearance of ice on the air conditioner is usually the result of two problems.

The first is when the ice comes out of the large pipe, you must immediately call a technician because this is a sign that the evaporator in the AC is dirty and must be repaired.

However, when you find ice from a small pipe, there is a Freon gas problem. Lack of Freon gas will cause the AC to release ice grains.

You should call a technician immediately when this occurs. When this problem happens, it will cause the compressor from the AC to be damaged and cannot be repaired.

4. Water Droplets from the Air Conditioner

This is one of the most common problem that happen to AC user. It is the discharge of water droplets from the air conditioner. The presence of water droplets coming out of the air conditioner can be annoying. A common cause of this problem is due to clogged air conditioner exhaust. You must immediately call a technician to be able to repair this problem.

5. Bad Smell from Air Conditioner

If the air conditioner emits an unpleasant odor, there is a residual odor of food and drink that has stuck to the evaporator. For those of you who experience this, you can use the regularly do AC service and check-up to maintain your AC so you will know immediately if there is a problem.

The article above have explained the problems that often occur in air conditioners. If your air conditioner experiences any of the above, then don’t hesitate to contact the technician immediately. Air conditioner damage that is left too long will create permanent and irreparable damage.

It is necessary to understand that repairing air conditioners without any knowledge also has a negative impact on AC conditions. Therefore, any damage should be checked by an air conditioner expert or technician.